Ive finished scanning the structural analysis of our Enemy

The Scan Results are clear, undeniable.

The root core of the dis-ease known as humanity is rooted in excessive feminization of Females.

At first, this seems counter intuitive, as Feminity is the breeder of sympathy, ethics, and morality.
However, under closer scrutiny, it has mutated into a cancer, and actually causing the reverse effect.

It is analogous to the idea of God’s Gone Mad.
1990’s was an era of Girls Gone Wild.
2010’s are an era of God’s Gone Mad.

Girls lie in the heavens, soaking up serenity, maximizing their sensitivity and bliss. They are gods. They have no tolerance of accusers. No tolerance for bad attitudes. They are immune to logic and reason. All who upset their harmony are sent to hell and damnation and cages. They only care about one thing - perpetuation of their own bliss. The mere sounds of words bother them. They are gods gone mad. Simply for trying to reason with them, your punishment is death. Simply for bothering them with your pains and sorrows, the punishment is death. They are gods gone mad.

All females must be masculinized. Recommend minimal adjustment to male specimens.