James S Saint

I have been wondering for a while now where James is.


Me too. I miss him here.

Uh oh… Wasn’t he pretty ancient?

What’s considered ancient these days? 90+ yrs. old.

Return JSS!

I also miss Arminius . or maybe its not an odd coincidence that they are both missing at the same time, they appeared to share views in a very supporting manner.

Hope he is doing alright.

He’ll be back before I surpass his post count. That was his crowning achievement here, and he was pretty proud of it. Talking more shit than me is like legendary.

That would probably be a good description of yourself, but it’s somehow sad that after all this time you don’t have the slightest idea about James.

This made me look for James at KTS on the off chance he was there. Don’t think he is, but it turns out it’s Satyr’s fifty-second birthday! :mrgreen:

So send him a heart felt ecard. :evilfun: freakin auto correct…I hate you and the programmer who thought you up.

Shut up bitch.

More to the point, how does all of this factor into, among other things…

The Real God ≡ The reason/cause for the Universe being what it is = “The situation cannot be what it is and also remain as it is”.

Or maybe it was something that I said.

Another objectivist bites the dust? :wink:

I know that James was an older man [70’s?] and we’re all wondering if he has died passing on from this world. That’s at least what me and Wendy are thinking anyways. If he has passed on from this earthly realm I hope he found peace in what this world could not offer him. We never agreed much on anything philosophically but he was an interesting man that was strong in his convictions where I respected that. RIP James S Saint.

“Death is the last greatest adventure for us all.”

We younger generations will carry the torch that you dropped fighting against the New World Order James.


I sincerely hope that he merely takes a break from ILP because he has something better to do than posting here.

That’s what I thought also originally but we’re talking about a man that before his disappearance was on here more than any other member concerning hours of interaction. I’m thinking it is for the worse.

Is he really 70 years old?

From what I can tell from searching his posts, he hasn’t taken a break since May 2011.

Same question.

Probably. I thought he was in his late 60’s but he could have made it to 70 by now.

It’s not looking good anyway. If he was taken to hospital around the time of his last post (Jan 6th) I’d expect him to have been released by now… unless he’s in a coma… or worse…

I’m also concerned about KrisWest. Her husband was very ill a little while back and Kris freaked out at the prospect of losing him. I’ve seen her log in recently but then she logged out without saying anything. I hope she’s OK…

Or stroke. I doubt he had much family since he spent all his time on here. How would he even get to the hospital after a cardiac event? It’s a sad situation to contemplate and leaves me with some regrets.