Jehovah's Witness Beliefs

I know almost 100% of what a JW will say.
You can ask me any question about the doctrine.
Will answer sooner or later.

I used to be good at this. They were always shocked when I invited them in and talked to them for quite a while but did not show interest in joining. They were obligated to come back, since I had shown interest in the discussion, if not the religion, so I ended up learning quite a bit.

End of the world stuff, coming reign of Jesus/God on earth
Eternal life for 144,000 period
NT is perfect
No Trinity

Some were like robots, some were quite warm and friendly. But I ended up feeling guilty. I am always curious about people’s beliefs and in the end I was an unintentional trap for them.

Pardon the tangent if this is one. For much of my life I would have liked it if people with unique belief systems showed up at my door and had a discussion. Now, well, I’d rather not.

That’s interesting.

I think people don’t talk enough, in some ways.

It’s cool that you talked with them.

I’ve got a couple:

1] how do they go about actually demonstrating that their own religious doctrines are true and that their own God does in fact exist? And not instead one of what Michael Sherman estimates to be “roughly 100,000 religions based on roughly 2,500 gods” over the past 10,000 years?

2] how does their doctrine explain the existence of the coronavirus and countless other pathogens and physical afflictions that result on dire consequences for millions around the globe year in and year out. The thing about God that most obsesses me: theodicy.

1] the doctrines are true because they are bible based and God is the inspiring author of the bible. Making a large amount of false religions is satan’s tactic to make it unlikely for you to ever find the true religion because there is so much spam.

2] When adam and eve chose to eat of the fruit, they rebelled, but God allowed the rebellion of satan and humanity to prove whether or not they can
live without God and rule themselves. So the corona virus exists because people want to do their own thing and not have God’s kingdom in place.

But isn’t this exactly what all of the other denominations will argue in turn?

And this belief you have about Satan…is that just all in your head too? Or can you provide us with actual evidence that it is the case?

I’m sorry but I’ll have to assume this is…tongue in cheek? Or do you actually believe that because you actually do believe this, this is as far as you need go in order to explain why God brought into existence these things: … lague.html

Or these:

The bible teaches that Satan exists. Therefor Satan exists.

Also, i believe satan is dead, but that is just me.
JW teach Satan is alive and constantly working against God’s plan.

Jesus healed the sick.
God has the power to do away with all sickness.
In the future in God’s kingdom, sickness will be no more.
Sickness is part of the old system of things,
which Satan started/instituted.

Why are JWs compelled to go door to door, to persuade others to join them?


Scriptures tell us to share the good news, and teach others.
It is like a life-saving work.
The word of God is very important and we must teach others every detail.

So why do JWs continue convincing a person that they need saving, even though that person prefers and is content with, their own religion or spiritual ideal?

What is so ideal/better about their Faith, that they become ignorant to others’ voices, in favour of the one in their head that is telling them to convert the content?

It’d be funny to see a JW knock on a Mormon’s door.

Or JW’s stopped in the street by young Mormons in their mission year.

They follow the bible perfectly.
Therefor other ideas are not as true.
Non JW churches are of the devil.
They need to save you from the grasp of satan.