Jesus Saves

And only Jesus!

saves us from what… zee Germans?

Jesus is not a correct belief.

The evangelists were Roman agents. Each was chosen in hindsight to utilize the magick of the risen Sowul-Resh and yet obscure the center of this power. Jesus is no priest of Sowul Resh.

We have 4 false accounts, the 4 of which together give a glimmer of life bright enough that Sowul Resh can be gleaned, but are far from being true enough to allow the it to be grasped.

Mary is the only path of Christendom to Sowul-Resh.

Following what Jesus taught allows salvation from the sufferings and extravagances of Ego. Salvation is following Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Loa and many other spiritual teachers.

Was Jesus the son of God? Yes, aren’t you?

Nay, for I am the seventh son of the seventh son of man.

Oops! Misspelled Lao… Bad mark for me in the collector’s book of life.

Through Joshua



:angry: :angry: :angry:

what nonsense.

so he only saves himself yeah that seems about right

Well he died on the cross so not really.