Jews are the most racist race

There is no other race on earth that actually has a name (which is a slur) for every other race besides them. The Jews are the only ones.

To Jews, everyone else is a gentile or a goyam…

They complain that they drew the hatred of a society, not race, that wasn’t nearly as racist the way Jews actually are.

There is NO, and I repeat NO race other than the Jews that have declared themselves the master race.

Hitler thought the Nordics were the master race, and the Nordics which hitler wasn’t, were like “fuck you dude!” If hitler actually believed his dogma, he would have taken orders from the Nordic countries and peoples.

Jews are more racist than the worst white supremacist. Because white is like many different races… The Jews hate those who aren’t their one solitary race… And global politics is in a large part played out by this racism and other cultures subservience or projection of it.

There is nobody more racist than the Jew .

Their culture actually invented two words for people who don’t have their blood, and it is a slur.

There is no other culture on earth, not even nazi Germany that went this far… That’s thousands of races!!!

I have often thought that anti-Jewish prejudice is based on envy. Ashkenazi Jews, after all, are by far the most intelligent race on earth. … telligence

Gyahd … could anyone possibly be more deeply programmed. :icon-rolleyes:

Racism is the act of making decisions based upon race. It is a specific case of the “over-generalization” logic fallacy.

And it is a simple true fact that the Judists (not necessarily all Jews) are more guilty than any in that regard: “We are God’s chosen [better than the rest, above all creatures]”. They are also the most guilty of murder because of their belief that the goyem are not really human, thus to them, causing the death of goyem is not really murder.

But then again, the Aryans do play in that same arena.

It is merely a competition of the Godwannabes.

I think Arianism is a Jewish plot actually…

Almost no actual aryan thinks they are the “master race”. Hitler wasn’t even aryan!

Almost every Jew believes they are the master race…

Little old me, Cherokee, French, Scottish, Irish and English … I’ll debate all Aryan’s and Jews at the same time … It’s a laughing stock, if the oppression weren’t so real.

Perfect cover, the oppressors posing as the oppressed…

Aryans are not Godwannabes. Gentiles are. Do not confuse Gentiles who pretend to be Aryan with proper Aryans.

Read here:

He didn’t. He thought that Aryans are the superior race (not “master” race, since mastery implies slavery, which he was opposed to), which isn’t restricted to Nordics, or any other ethnic group.

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I’ve been thinking about joining a year long Mishnah study course. I’m really into the idea of groups on buses sitting and discussing it’s philosophical implications.

I Heart Jews.

It’s more than that. Racism is ethnic egoism. Egoism means being concerned only about your own group and unconcerned about all other groups. Racism would then mean being concerned only about your own ethnic group while being unconcerned about all other ethnic groups.

Natalie Pittman, one sexy, smart Jew.

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Here’s Lauren Bacall:

I believe her diamond face shape makes her true to her Jewish roots.

That is merely one type of racist … “homoracist”.

…and its “portman”, not pittman (originally “Neta-Lee Hershlag”).

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regardless of what he ever said about slavery, he moved his society towards the most rigid, controlled forms. An underlying terror of not conforming down to the most rigid body movements and not just in military displays, to the thuggish bureaucratic set he obviously preferred. The ever wider and deeper control he created was a kind of slavery, a machinelike, posed nightmare as the ideal. I recognize that some people find this appealing, to imagine themselves as a well controlled and totally controlling cog in the machine of some fascist leader or other, but I see no reason to pretend it is not a form of slavery. A grand disgusting self-hatred presenting itself as pride.

These are Jewish lies, Moreno.

These are Jewish legs, Magnus.

Your logic is defeated, mixing of the races can be so damn good. Bar Refaeli

Why the hell would any heterosexual man of any race be opposed to her?

Master race? I have seen chosen but not master and I have seen a lot of different Jewish interpretations of ‘chosen’. If they are the worst racists you’d think they would have come up with a more pejorative term than gentile. Other racists seem to do a lot better and they I see little dearth of language ability in Jews. You seem to think the degree of racism of an entire people is determined by how they categorize.

And how does one determine if one is a jew or not? Without knowing your personal ancestry. Hitler already proved Nordic people being superior on Earth. They have proved it countless times.

And also, how to determine Jews being separate race outside of human or aryan… I am trying to understand which side to stand on, which view point to support. See if I support Hitler or Germany, which I already love Germany and personally wanted them to win ww2, but I also don’t want to be viewed as some “evil” nazi you know?

So I was wondering if there is some period in history where I can find evidence of jews claiming for sure that they are a different race/species?

I am aware, whoever wins the war writes its history. Germany didn’t win ww2 so it could all be lies.