John McCain, the last reasonable man

Apparently every single man woman and child on the left now considers McCain a kind of Aristotle of wisdom, someone without whom the whole rational universe collapses.

I wonder why they didn’t vote for him when they had the chance.
I guess due to the unfathomable genius they couldn’t yet see before he was put in the ground.


Fixed, they didn’t vote for him because he was running against Obama, and Obama appealed to voters as someone who would do more to actually help people who needed help on the domestic front. World politics are, in the end more important than domestic ones, or at least of more consequence in certain conditions. But, when there’s a trillion and a half in student loan debt, artificial scarcity of antibiotics, and anyone who’s parents didn’t leave them a fortune can only dream of owning a modest home without dying of old age before the mortgage is paid…appealing to domestic issues can bring votes. I mean, it’s hard to worry about what’s happening in the bigger picture when the vast majority of people are trying to keep their power bill paid and keep the water from being turned off.

Minimum wage is 7.25 an hour, after payroll deductions that’s about 5 bucks. So even at 60 hours a week, that’s 300 bucks a week. Some people are just dumb and incompetent and can’t get better jobs, and those people can vote. If a society is to be judged based on how it treats it’s poor…there’s something to think about here when someone could try and pull up by their own bootstraps, work 60 hours a week, and still not have enough money for basic food, occasional checkups at the doctor, dental work, housing etc.

If McCain had run against Hillary, then he would have been president.

War is war. Everyone does it. Don’t try and be all high and mighty.

People usually talk more highly of others when they die, whether it’s genuine, or contrived.

my grandmother was senile too … ohn-mccain

Don’t you love the smell of napalm in the morning?

You’re responding with an old movie quote?

Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

My dad had some good things to say about McCain. But my dad is merciful.

Of course: John McCain is a reasonable man if he largely shares your own values and opinions. And unreasonable if he doesn’t.

That never changes does it?

As for whether or not he is a hero, well, that’s also just a point of view.

Consider: … bombs.html

This was basically the role that he played in the war. From way up in the sky he flew over North Vietnam and “delivered his load” of bombs. Never once actually witnessing the terrible pain and suffering these bombs inflicted on those they fell on.

Though of course all of this gets embedded in whether or not you believe that bombing campaigns themselves were a “reasonable” thing. Some folks on the left however look at John McCain here from a different point of view: … ord-011429

So, is this “reasonable?”

He was just one of the few unfortunate pilots to be shot down. Though, come on, if someone dropped bombs on you, how would you react to him after he had been captured?

Would you be “reasonable”?