Joker/Ha Ha Ha Memorial

Joker is no more, he has suffered a internet death.

Please take time for a pause to remember him.

Yeah, looks like his forum was taken down.

Did he jump overboard from his own ship, or did someone complain about his site to the owners of forumotion?

I could not log in to it yesterday and so knew that something was up

Unless your running a child pornography, terrorist recruiting, malware or fraud website, I don’t think anyone should ever have a fucking forum taken down, just because the host doesn’t like it.

If I ran a forum service, and out of the hundreds of thousands of customers on average, one was a Black Panthar, KKK, Hillary supporter, or Neo Naxi, I wouldn’t care as long as they were just talking. What the fuck would I care? It’s obvious it is just a business arrangement via amass duplicated contract every uses for a basic service, and not actually endorsement of views by the host who in all probability neither knows, nor should care short of lawyers or law enforcement requests, and even then, only under absolute coercion within the bounds of a court.

Worst thing on Joker’s site was the hidden fat women threads.

I find pics on the net of women hanging naked from trees with piles of shit under them, or bring eaten alive, stoned to death, beheaded.

Jokers fantasies of world war were so pathetic, they might be too corny even for a villian on a kids sci-fi show for the Disney Channel. He was obsessed with the stuff, but never thought shit through to the inevitable conclusion. Hence why he now lives in Iowa as a sex slave to a Goose.

Originally when I started SickSadWorld my goal was to start an organization of anarchists and nihilists. Over the course of its almost one year existence I couldn’t attract neither and this became quite disconcerting. Add that with where I am now almost working six days a week and I decided to pull the plug on it altogether. I will still however post on ILP although infrequently since once again my work schedule has increased.

Another reason I shut down the forum is because in my older age now I am starting to figure out the utter damnation of civilization or humanity entirely. It’s getting to the point that I am of the mind that nothing matters where there is no avoiding the ultimate conclusion of total annihilation concerning the fate of our world. Even trying to discuss or communicate with other individuals on the internet seems like a wasted and pointless effort. Many times it seems like a waste of expanded energy. I’m almost thirty now and one of my many new year’s eve resolutions is to not waste energy in places where there are virtually no rewards.

Yet you still post here. Aren’t you contradicting yourself on the no rewards?

In his older age, he’s almost 30.

It’s habit and routine plus I only come by here when I’m really bored or not working.

Live a life like mine and you’ll understand what feeling like forty at the age of thirty is like.

Come now, her cooking can’t be that bad.

Your skill at humor is not much to desire. Har-har-har…

It’s okay, I know you gotta put on a show for her. I also know you hot the drive thru on the way back each night.

What’s that suppose to even mean exactly?

Aren’t you supposed to be frozen in ice somewhere Merlin?

Obviously escaped…

Username Joker RIP 2007-2017

Good, always thought a man wearing that much makeup was a faggot.

Takes one to know one, right Turd?

No, but I’ll take that as a admittance on your part.

You’re the one always talking about faggots not me.