Just Tried To Kill The Pope on Medieval 2 Total War

I have a old computer, doesn’t connect to Jack, CD Rom does nothing… I’m stuck to the games previously loaded on it. One is Medieval 2, Total War.

Pope has been giving me a really hard time, because he is Milanese, and Milan picked a fight with me, even though I wanted a alliance. Pope said he would excommunicate me if I attacked Milan neck 5 turns, then they immediately preceded to lay siege to five of my cities… I can’t get any of my priests promoted to Cardinal, and even ran a successful crusade and loaded the Papacy up with money.

Well, decided enough was enough and sent a assassin after the Pope. I’m always on the verge of excommunication anyway, despite being the largest Catholic faction.

This is the video I got of the failed assassination attempt, look at where the arrow lands!


Lol I used to play that, and my first main mission is the destroy the papal faction.

Wish they would make med3tw.

They made Rome 2, I know some mod guys for the original, they are looking to make the Stoic philosopher Asclrpciodotus’ remarkably worthless work on military formations a reality.

I haven’t played 2 yet for Rome, but did play Napoleon on a buddy’s computer. I haven’t heard a lot of good reviews on it, but watched a recreation of the Roman defeat of Edessa on it, that’s the area I’ve been doing most of my research.

Am I the only one deeply in doubt regarding Plotinus’ story regarding how he managed to survive the war?

I wouldn’t know mate. If you still play Rome 1, then I made a mod for that [Sparta tw]. I have played rome2 but the newer engine is crap to mod, so I am waiting until the whole thing goes open world, or at least the game gets a new engine.

They also have Shogun: Total War 2 made by the same gaming company.

Would like to play that sometime myself.

Yea I played that too, and it has the best game mechanics imho. Lost both games when I had a ‘got to get the hell outta there’ moment – so to speak.

Haven’t played it yet. Looks cool though.

Do you like Sid Meier’s Civilization V?

Next up:

Turd tries to kill the dragons on Game Of Thrones. :laughing:

Shogun 1, I think was a proper game like chess or something, and I am informed that with patches updated stw2 is nearest they have got to that as yet.

Tried it along with AOE, but was glad when the more 3D tw series began.

They have a expansion pack to the expansion pack of Rome 2, called Attila- Charlemagne… it focuses on the events of Charlamagne’s empire. That sorta qualifies as Medieval 3.

I really want to get one of these window 10 laptops that are also a big screen tablet because I need something I can type Polytonic Greek (ancient Greek accents, modern Greek can’t do it), can handle my borescope (neither my kindle or android smartphone is OTC compatible) and be able to play Rome, Total War 2, or the new Sins of a Solar Empire. I don’t know though if those two games even would work on a touch screen. Just want something I can play between calls, or carry into a library for study or as a tablet into McDonald’s for downloads without raising eyebrows, handle all of it, without lugging a mouse around too. The external keyboard for my kindle tablet sucks… gotta keep that charged, in a stupid leather case… just shove my kindle into my pocket like a Walkman and walk listening to music.

I’ve played Shogun 2, wasn’t too impressed with it. I also played the Shogun 2 App, which… Fuck. I was really interested in the newer Total War App till it turned out to require a constant internet connection to play… one of those farm your own city on a massive server game where everyone attacks everyone, there are a million of those, like even Command and Conquer had one that may still even be around. I hate them… waking up at 3 am to click upgrade and making sure your not under attack by some asshole in Laos. Chews up your data fast.

Game just asked me to assassinate King Birger… Burger King?