Keshe Reactor (unlimited energy, gravity control, etc) … -the-world

Unfortunately the first question that surfaces in my mind while watching the video is: if you are able to produce such groundbreaking technology, why not hire someone who can do a decent voiceover?

But the actual question I wanted to ask here is if this videos definition of the neutron [1:40] is accurate.

And if you believe that one, I have some oceanfront property in Nebraska to sell you cheap. :confused:

Oh Man, Jimbo! I’ve been looking for some good Nebraskan ocean-front property for ten years. What a break! I get free energy, space travel, AND Nebraskan ocean-front property, all from one visit to an unassuming little philosophy thread. Now tell me you ain’t charging an arm and a leg. I mean, I could spare a leg, but they’re diabetic, and I absolutely cannot let go of an arm. I Like to hug people too much. Speaking of which, come on over here bubba. Let’s celebrate! :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley:


Emm… not if you are going to be hugging me with your legs. I’ll pass. :confused:

But I said it was “cheap”. I don’t charge an arm and a leg… merely your soul. You aren’t using it anyway are you? :-s