Kropotkin update

well, as I work in a supermarket, I am on the front lines
and working lot of hours… woke up not feeling very well
and having a cough, I called in sick and then HR took over
and now I am self-isolating for a week…in normal times,
I feel well enough to work, but these aren’t normal times.
and everyone is acting from an abundance of caution…

so, here I am… wife is really mad because we lose a week pay
and with no other income, it will get tough later on, but I
gotta do what I gotta do…


This nihilist is wishing you the best, my friend. Hang in there.

And it’s an outrage that you are not being paid.

Also, stay away from the bleach!

Pete, try putting a light up your ass or injecting disinfectant (I’d go the apple scent). :wink:
Take care.


day 2 of self isolation.

I feel ok, just a little tired and still have my cough…
and I promise, no bleach or disinfectant internally…


Well, vaccines have disinfectants in them. Thimersol and formaldehyde, for example. Even embryo tissue, though that’s not an disinfectant. On the other hand it’s a bit creepy. Intentionally or not Trump managed to get everyone to shriek about how ridiculous it would be to inject disinfectants, so everyone who thinks it is mere idiocy/immorality to question vaccines is suddenly inadvertantly arguing with the anti-vaxxers.