LaughingMan's Release

All LaughingMan did was create a thread that was joking about farting where he then became banned for three days straight.

I’m signing a petition to have LaughingMan released.

Who else here will sign it?

Where did you post this thread?

If you posted in the social forums, then it shouldn’t be a problem, if you posted it in the intellectual forums, then I could see how it would be a problem. I’m not sure if posting it in the serious forums warrants a warning, I suppose it’s up to the mod, his discretion, how disruptive he thinks you’ve been and are being.

Laughing again and again about this. It’s great. You can’t really be all that broken up about it, can you?

It was posted in the off topic section here.

Apparently toilet comedy is not tolerated on ILP and is outlawed.

I’m told his lordship and supreme majesty moderator Only_Humean did the actual banning.

Perhaps he can explain why here in this thread for us.

I wonder what guideline was broken this time.

I’ve been told that LaughingMan has been crying about this all day where unable to even work his job he’s been hold up at home eating tubs of icecream watching very sad tragedies on television as a some sort of coping mechanism of his.

He’s been very emotional about this temporary banning.

I’ve tried calling him on the phone several times but each time it seems like he refuses to answer. I’m just wishing him the best through this whole horrible ordeal.

Yes I would like to here what he has to say.
It’s permissible to link to other sites, right?
Especially if they’re philosophical ones I’m sure.

Naturally the good shepherd was protecting the ILP flock.

I’m sure any moment he is going to come in this thread and give us all a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Free LaughingMan now!

Fight the power!

Has LaughingMan been released yet?

I think your 3 day ban is near up LaughingMan, but I will check :wink:

I’m LaughingMan’s doppel ganger if anybody’s wondering.

I know, and once you are reinstated he will be banned :wink:

I’ll let LaughingMan know about this development as soon as possible.

Correction… Once he is reinstated you will be banned #-o

If that happens it will give me plenty of time to practice the banjo.

I’m curious about an explanation too. From what I’ve seen of Only_Humean, he can’t even justify going to toilet.


I’ll put you guys down on the petition then.

Your three day ban is long up :wink:

Which profile would you like to keep? as… like Highlander said… there can only be one.

I’ll keep LaughingMan.