leaving school

leaving school

  • end of an era
  • we’ve only just begun
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I think quite a few of us are leaving school/college in the near future, and I was wondering what people think about the ‘end of an era’ - is it a chance for a fresh and exciting new start, or the loss of security and will life never be the same again?

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end

Leaving school is everything you say all at once. It is a new beginning as much as it is the end of an era.

I’m not getting too nostalgic about it though. I think that this is the right time to leave - for me anyway - I have outgrown the system of petty rules which aims to impose conformity and does not allow for the fact that 18 year olds can generally make their own decisions about things. I think a lot of people share these sentiments. School no longer gives me a sense of security, but makes me feel a little oppressed. This is a time for us to make the transition to a state of greater independence, and spread those wings just a little. The process of self-realization begins here (when/if it will end is another matter entirely).

Life will never be the same again. And I’m glad.

definitely - it is inescapably both.

The notion of a completely new sense of independence from leaving school is a great idea, but at the same time a slightly false one.

We will continue to be repressed or dictated to by society and its institutions.
If it’s not school, then it’s the rules of the workplace or of a university.
Furthermore, we will never be free economically.

Really, the positive aspect of leaving school is the associated event of moving away from home, where parents usually exert a form of absolutist tyranny!
This is not exactly the same thing as leaving school in general, as many will continue to live at home and be restricted by that fact.
There is therefore more continuity in leaving school than there is revolutionary change- it is more helpful to see it as a defining moment in the transition towards full rights and liberties within the structure provided by society.

there is a hermit that lives on a rock off the coast near me. i would imagine that he is pretty free from all contsraints bar those of the natural enironment around him.

i wonder if he thinks its ok to eat fish… they dont have any feelings after all.

i think i’d be a good hermit.

i love the wistful references of a cobain cult generation. great.

Well I see where you’re coming from, but hermits on random islands aren’t currently about to leave school, are they?

I’m anxious about leaving because I have such sexy schoolmates. Non-Tiffinians wouldn’t understand.

i know - what am i going to do with a load of northerners when i’ve been surrounded by such beauty for the past seven years?

same thing we’ve always planned to do with them … use them for slave labour until we’ve developed machines to do their work, then abandon them on fast-sinking icecaps


best thing about leaving school is coming back for exams and being able to flaunt disobeying all those piddling little rules and look scornfully at all the people u dont like with no fear of repercussions. liberation this is.

i’m petrified i’m going to become a manic depressive during my gap year. its going to be so dull. however, i will have some of the sexies around me for an extra year :sunglasses:

I am exhibit A of Clarice’s next-year sexies