Leaving Society, Dropping Out, And The Proverbial Rat Race.

Today I’ve quit my job as I cannot pretend to even work for the American corporate rat race anymore. It is draining my health physically and mentally along with being a waste of my natural talents. I’m not sure what I am going to do anymore but I refuse to work anymore and pay taxes. In my mind this was going to happen sooner or later where I choose to decide my own timing instead of the environment choosing for me. I refuse to be a part of this controlled system anymore for little to no benefit of myself. The United States is going to collapse soon enough where I just see myself being ahead of the social curve in preparation. I have a good idea of where I am going to retreat to and wait things out for many years if need be. I am going to wait out the inevitable collapse of the deranged American empire. I’m officially handing in my resignation to the American corporatocracy today. I am retreating into the hills where I will make my final stand.

It is better I do this now where I still have my youth and strength to mount a proper resistance instead of old age or sickness inevitably defeating me. I do not want to be in a situation where I become too weak or fragile to fight as that is my greatest fear in being alive and as the near future comes ahead there will be much fighting to prepare for as global events inevitably reach their final conclusion. I will not be controlled or live a life of perpetual slavery and bondage anymore for a dying, decadent, or corrupt system. I will be one man you will no longer own or posses anymore. I’m thirty years old and with good fortune I’ll have another thirty years or more until my life naturally expires. Looking back in retrospect I am surprised I have managed to survive the last ten years in what can only be described as a Herculean effort on my part as this society gradually implodes. I’m lucky to survive this long as people’s lives are being taken away all around me prematurely in large mass. I’ll still post online here at ILP and give progress reports of my activities along with being conversational as I always am. This will not change until they eventually shut down the internet. I will still be online off and on, this will not change. :wink:

The writing is on the wall folks for everybody to see, you only have to open your eyes and look around…

And now I can get rid of all pretenses in that I no longer have a reputation or public identity to hide anymore. Pretty soon I’ll be so far off the grid that anonymity will mean very little to me. This is a photo of me, get acquainted with this face as you will be seeing more photos of me going into the future of this thread. This is the last time I am going with the bald look as I will once again grow my hair out which is more cost effective in maintaining. I must say it is liberating to not care about anything at all when a man has nothing left to lose! This is the man behind the avatar, the annoying SOB of ILP. Yes, that man. I haven’t had long hair in almost a decade so it will be interesting to see what that will look like a year and a half from now. Wait and see I guess.

What was the catalyst that made this happen?

The Plan Of Action,

As of Thursday I’ll have about $300.00 to my name, that’s about it. $98.00 it will cost to travel to reach my destination. That means roughly I’ll have about $200.00 left afterwards to survive off of from the end of September this year to about mid March of next year. Still, even more I will need $70.00 to rent out a P.O. box so that way I can cash in on my tax returns next year which I’ve estimated will be anywhere between $5000.00-$6000.00

So, I have about $130.00 to survive off of the next six to seven months.


Your timing is a bit off, isn’t winter on it’s way in your neck of the woods?

Ten years of trying to win a losing battle that is impossible to achieve victory in. I’m smart enough to know when the cards are stacked against me. Now I am just going to wait for the house of cards to collapse on itself. I am removing myself from the game until the playing field is levelled out. When that happens I will come out of my seclusion for better or for worse.

I recall, it may have been last winter, when you were so cold, no cut wood, you had to come down to the town to somewhere warm.

Yes, winter is coming. I’ll either succeed or die trying in this venture of mine.

It will take all of my skills combined to survive this winter without adequate supplies. My goal next year in the spring is to make a hidden bushcraft makeshift shed to survive out for the next several years. Essentially I’ll be illegally squating on government controlled land. I’m going the Kaczynski route of surviving off the land only without property ownership. :wink:

Admirable, but why not wait a little longer and save a little more money. This sort of plan needs just that. Planning.

You need more money Otto.

Where I am going the winters are much more mild compared to where I previously lived. Temperatures don’t drop under 25 degrees compared to the other location where average temperatures were -40 degrees. So, I got that going for me in my favor.

I don’t have the time, money, or resources anymore to wait it out in my current location. Sadly all of this has to be a sort of sporadic in the moment kind of scenario where I am going to have to make up things as I go along. I will have to be very creative between now and spring.

Do you have unemployment benefits in the U S of A you could claim?

If not, you are saying you can survive on $30 a month! Geez.

Temporary disposable workforce are not applicable for unemployment insurance. All hail the disposable American temporary workforce!

There has to be another way, you said so yourself, there is always a way out!

No, I’m a realist and I know when I’ve been beat! Not in every situation is there always a way out. Yes, sometimes there are no win scenarios where no level of optimism will change any of that. Still, if I survive to spring I’ll be alright. I have ideas where to get food from. Between now and spring my only concern will be food or water along with shelter.

So, let us have a recap here. I have to survive in a dwelling like this an entire winter.

Come spring the goal is to build a structure like this.

Or this.

Are you for real?

Do you think that I would post a real picture of myself in a thread if I wasn’t for real? :laughing:

Yes, I am. It has come down to this.

It seems rather masochistic, unless you have been forced to flee.

I will ask no more questions, just wish you good luck in your new venture.

I will not say where my location will be for obvious reasons, I will say it is on the outskirts of a small city I grew up in where I’ll have supplies if I need them along with an area to salvage and scavenge any tools or resources I need over a period of time. I am very familiar with the area and landscape so this is a net plus overall.

More like forced and in the coming years as the United States along with the world descends into chaos I won’t be alone for very long doing this. If anything I am going to have a head start on everybody else!