Let them eat foodstamps!

The United States government has decided to make major cuts in foodstamps within the coming years proving once again that nobody in this country gives two shits less about the nation’s poor. The number of people on foodstamps in the United States myself included is roughly the same population of a small country like Spain or roughly 24 million people.

I personally hope they keep cutting welfare initiatives across the board like this as the anger and rage will spill over in the streets. There will be blood.

My hunch is your intuition serves you in this instance. (of course I don’t know, and it’s rather humorous to be guessing about guessing.)

Equating the demand for food stamps as a measure of economic vitality, the last time “we” (USA) experienced this sort of spike was during the early thirties. Count the number of homes from that period that have “fallen into the public domain” during the following years, and count the number of homes that are equaling that degree of extravagance now and you will see that the last time America experienced the sort of divide between the rich and the poor was during what is now referred to as the great depression.

Bummer, that is depressing. I mean when I think of it I just can’t feel proud, not is any sort of collective degree.

We should be doing better then that, I am doing what “I think” is “working on it” ( I can’t be sure, regardless of the perception of intuition and reasons convergence) and I am sorry the effort has yet to bear fruit. It has been a fairly steep uphill “assault”, and sometimes I feel like a sniper working alone and I ain’t particularly talented at the task.

It’s quite alright Mowk for the lower classes will rise out of the ashes and we will have our collective revenge. This only serves our cause in the end.

The wealthy may be living it up now, but sooner or later given these latest developments they will come to our terms when we amass near their front doorsteps.

That has been promised in the past… “the meek (at the time the meek were those without means?) shall inherit the earth”. I ain’t holding my breath for it to happen. It’s a ride for sure.

They no longer need “the poor”, despite the desperate hopes that they would.
And the poor will have nothing with which to fight for their lives.
Most won’t even know what hit them, although many will no doubt be blaming all of the wrong people.

One can only hope, and stockpile weaponry.

No, I’m not talking about the meek. I don’t care about the weak meek.

I’m talking about lower class men like myself which are going to exact revenge on those in power for some violent redistribution of wealth and power for ourselves once the system collapses on itself.

Yes, indeed.

the answer is non-violent revolution…

Non violence you say? You stick to your protest signs and street corners when they start dragging people away under martial law where I’ll stick to weaponry. We’ll see who lasts longer by comparison.

violent revolution has problems…you may get change but you then have a new gang to deal with that may be worse…

That is other people’s problem not mine. I’ll be in command of such groups myself, so I’ll be in a comfortable position.

I don’t trust you…I think you are too hateful…

You should not trust me. I very much agree.

But foodstamps are like a woman going out with a man she Thinks is unnattractive.

They need the poor… to be more desperate.

See this is just how the ideology works: make them make themselves work, and if they can’t find work, make them try harder to find it anyway. Even if they can’t find it, their desperation puts more pressure on those who do have work to hold on more desperately to their jobs by working harder.

Increased productivity is indirectly forced (and I stress “indirectly”) and workers put up with worse pay and conditions as an added bonus, just to defend and justify their economic status. The requisite perpetual increase in profits continues into yet another chapter more than they all thought it would…

The significance of the indirect approach is that whilst there may be public outcry and taking to the streets…
… who are they fighting against?
The natural injustices of life?
“Money”? Their boss?
We’ve seen these rallies - nothing gets done. Nobody agrees. And it carries on.

The kind of work being asked for here is not necessary, it’s just work. More customer service is just the same as more holes being dug for the sake of employment. More office workers, admin and paperwork - why not? Just as long as there’s an excuse for employers to pay wages and keep the monetary circulation going, and steadily flowing away from the poor to the rich.

Things can get a lot worse than they are, trust me. There’s a long way to go before even the average American is up in arms against .

In this era we see domestication give birth to captivity and from that captivity we see the face of modern slavery. To be fair it is a more gentle psychological form of slavery compared to its more brutish predecessor.

Now we live in the era where many people’s very sustenance for food is dependent solely on government which shows you just there alone a illustration of a master over slaves.

They say, “rejoice for you are alive!”.

Any animal can be alive. Domesticated and captive pets or livestock are simply just alive, but for free human beings there is more than just being alive by contrast.

The free man says we are human beings not your domesticated captured animals to manipulate and control. The free man desires to die in fighting rather then spend all the rest of his days living like that.

For the free man just being alive isn’t good enough and that people shouldn’t just settle for that alone.