Living In A Nation Under Donald Trump.

Steve Bannon was kicked out of the administration over the week which I view as a mistake by Donald Trump politically. Bannon practically was the brain child of the Chinese economic and trade war along with being a proponent of domestic economic protectionism for the United States. The reason the media and those in the government wanted him ousted politically is due to this fact as many corporations with Chinese trade treaties stood to lose a lot of money with his ideas for United States domestic economic policy. Here we can see that the Goldman Sachs economic advisors along with media pressure forced Donald Trump’s hand to do this. People like Jewish Gary Cohn. They of course targeted Bannon with charges of racism or bigotry month after month as it was the most expedient way of getting rid of him. It was an organized and coordinated plan of attack to damage all of his public relations.

The truth of the matter is that they (The Wallstreet Establishment)don’t want the United States to be economically prosperous in any kind of way that would jeopardize their economic wealth or labor monopolies both internationally and domestically especially in China.

They don’t want the middle class to recover and certainly don’t want the working class to be free in acquiring the ability to elevate itself. What they do want however is to eventually have all American workers working for Chinese wages and without the proper kind of much needed economic reforms that’s exactly what will happen. The goal of these bankers, robber barons, and economic terrorists is to enslave us all under a sort of corporate feudalism which they control or manage from New York City and Washington D.C. Understand this that the wages of this country have been stagnant and declining in purchasing power for almost forty years now.

Every year the cost of living increases, taxes increases, and everything else while wages remain the same or drop. What’s left of the middle class along with the working class as well is at war with Washington D.C. or New York City. We are in a war to preserve our lively hood and our way of life against these massive manipulating exploiters.

I must admit that I was hilariously amused and feeling very smug when the communist or zionist press yesterday overplayed their hand with this headline yesterday, this was a win-win for us. It’s almost like they’re not trying to hide it anymore and are being cheeky slapping us in the face with it. Just so the media is aware we all did take note of this public gesture of theirs. … s/1.807761

Until Trump supporters unite to dismantle the Democratic and Neoconservative corporate agenda, we will not be a nation living under Donald Trump.

The underlying purpose of Trump and the most famous sound bite from his television show:

"Do the job perfectly, or — You’re Fired".

Where but in government could such a person be more needed.

How can he fire other elected officials, such as congress members?

That comes later … and indirectly as the mindset settles in.

How much later? When his show’s cancelled? We need him to start firing them now!

Tomorrow the president will address the nation for the first time where expected highlights of the addressing supposedly will be on Afghanistan and east Asia.

Donald Trump has lost what little credibility he once had, time to wash our hands and be done with him altogether. He’s another swamp creature and has sold out to both Washington D.C. and Wallstreet. He’s a fraud, I’m joing the anti- Trump train, fuck him!

Dead man politically walking…

I’ll save everybody the trouble of Donald Trump’s addressing the nation today with my interpretation of his speech.

Fifty to a hundred more years in Afghanistan, more overseas military campaigns, and more international harrassing of China and Russia.

We could use all that military spending on infrastructure, manufacturing, healthcare, and education for people living in the United States but fuck them as I take my orders from Goldman Sachs or Wallstreet along with the military industrial complex.

The End.

I’m so glad I didn’t vote for this douchebag, I didn’t vote period.

All voting is rigged, if voting changed anything they would make it illegal. Fuck the American zionist controlled establishment.

I was hoping he was some kind of wildcard in an unprecedented level that might upset the balance in favor of the common man or woman in this country, my hope was that of naivety. I will not make that mistake again.

These are things Donald Trump will renege on:

He will absolutely not build a wall on the Mexican American border. If he does anything it will be some kind of bullshit fence that can be climbed over or dug under by Mexican cartel members. He’ll eventually cave into unlimited foreign immigration one way or another.

He will not do anything meaningful regarding national infrastructure projects or bringing back manufacturing domestically. The plan by Wallstreet and the deep state is to make Americans poorer overtime reducing them to Chinese style wages.

If he does any kind of healthcare reform you can be rest assured that only private insurance companies will benefit. Reducing costs for medical care in the United States will never happen as it stands now.

He won’t do anything substantial to make higher education more accessible to people or lower its costs.

Tax reform? Don’t make me fucking laugh, again the plan is to make Americans poorer. He’ll probably add more corporate tax loopholes for the very wealthy.

Things Donald Trump will do that we all get to look forward to:

He’ll probably invade Ukraine, Syria, North Korea, or Iran. Take your pick of any of these nations listed. We can definitely expect him to kiss the ass of Israel more along with AIPAC, he’s good at that.

We can probably also expect him to pick a fight with Russia or China, maybe both at the same time.

If you’re a freedom loving American and desire genuine independence the best you can hope for is the complete total collapse of this nation, that’s all there is to look forward to anymore. This country cannot be reformed by conventional means, voting is useless, and when reform becomes impossible revolution only becomes inevitable.

Gets rid of the Trans Pacific Partnership and calls it a victory but decides to keep NAFTA, fucking bastard!

Donald Trump has lost almost all of his conservative base that got him elected, I imagine in the future he’ll be kissing alot of democratic and neoconservative ass to remain in power. Like all presidents before him they’re more interested in protecting their historical legacy or their own ambitions than actually serving the public.

My new nickname for Donald Trump is Benedict Arnold, for now on I will refer to him as such.

A Bannon interview.

Good call! War to infinity because we need the jobs! (That should work until the soldier is automated.)

He upset the balance alright. Stirred a hornet’s nest now the sjws are building a safe space free of dissenting opinion while they lick the wounds of their PTSD.

Therapists Report Huge Spike In Patients Suffering From “President Trump Stress Disorder”

I imagine Otto must be very displeased that we agree
on 45… 45 has been a unmitigated disaster so far,
and he will continue to be a disaster…getting rid of 45
would be in the best interest of the country…
however pence is not any better…


:laughing: PTSD (President Trump Stress Disorder)…hilarious. Let’s all thank the fake news for increasing the business of California shrinks. Lolz!