Logic will rise above all others and defeat them.

IF = allegedly (so you can’t do me for blasfemy, ha!)

1.If absolute power corrupts absolutely then religious leaders are corrupt (because they are absolute)

2.If all religious texts are interpreted and validated by the absolute leaders then the religious texts are corrupt

3.If all religions are based on religious texts (like the 10 commandments etc) and the texts are corrupt (see point 2) then all religions are corrupt

4.If all religions are corrupt then all laws laid down by those religions are also corrupt

5.If all laws laid down by those religions are corrupt then all legal systems based on those laws are corrupt

6.If the legal system of those religions is corrupt then to judge a person by those laws, and that system, is corrupt.

7.If religious leaders who validate texts are corrupt, then all teachers and followers of those religions are themselves corrupt.

Do i need to go on?

^^If all that is true, then the basis of logic must also be corrupt, Cuz the logic you know, sprung up from the laws opposing religion!..One corruption is not righted by an opposition, only a realization…

yes, you probably do need to go on. Im no logic master, but as i gather it, a series of conditional statements doesnt a sound argument make. In other words: logic 0wnz joo!

I fear the day my mind shall begin to command my heart.

Disjunctive Syllogism!

Your argument rests on an invalid assertion. Religious leaders aren’t absolute. And even if it were true, they do not hold absolute power (If they did, then it would go to say that they are absolute).

At least Western religious leaders don’t weild absolute power (thankfully).

the pope claims infallibility which is almost as bad…isnt it?

Logic is used for few thousand years and only recently it has been used against religion. So no, logic will not prevail, since there is much more than rationing in a human being.


beat that

you can’t

don’t even try

rationality only works with the information that it has. It produces OUTPUTS based on INPUTS. Rationality is a process and cannot overcome the fact the its inputs are sometimes arational.


You’ll discover a lot more about your world and yourself if you realize that not everything in the world is logical and reasonable. Some things just can’t be worked out mathematically like you want them to be. Don’t let your mind command your heart.

I let my autonomic nervous system command my heart; it’s done an admirable job so far. :wink:

thanx burning, that’s a good piece of advise to anybody. but i don’t usually go to any sort of extreme, i’m a libra. i see yin and yang everywhere in everything. a simple incident catches other’ minds for a day or so, buy mine stays on it for ages. i give myself the credit of seeing the duality.

:sunglasses: If I ever need an example of the “circular argument” I will use this.

Homo Mysticus

perspective is the watchword for our universe.

the brain and it’s thoughts are a perfectly logical chain of events. We just don’t know everything so it appears illogical sometimes.

As long as there is a reason for everything, everything is perfectly logical.

Yes, but logic is binary or based on duality, while the universe is a triune system. Not so easy to integrate the two.

Hi Matmilne,
I have a question. Who determines what is logical? Atleast, nothing makes sense to me unless I choose to understand and accept it. I think logic is a personal belief. Are we relating logic to science? If yes, well I know there are Churches of Scientology. So when you’re saying that logic will prevail, you’re actually saying that religion will prevail (well if logic is science). And so following your model, logic must be corrupt.


…Rational thought is interpretation according to a scheme which we cannot excape. -Nietzsche

by what measure do you judge that a certain input is irrational? pureason. anyway, the input isn’t significant, as long as you manage to turn out some convincing output - it happens all the time…


What happens if the universe is without reason or purpose? Of course, you can construct any sort of system of explanation you like, but it remains a construct of mind, and so far, mind hasn’t triumphed over much of anything.

Personally, I like the ‘pixie dust’ explanation best. Trumps 'em all.