Look What I've Unleashed!!!

She is literally going around to all of the threads I created in which to discuss philosophy, and dropping these in inane turds in them.

A turd for a turd, love. You deserves every whiff of it. :evilfun:
:banana-angel: :banana-blonde: :banana-blonde: :banana-dreads: :banana-explosion: :banana-fingers: :banana-gotpics: :banana-guitar: :banana-jumprope: :banana-linedance: :banana-ninja: :banana-rainbow: :banana-rock: :banana-tux: :banana-wrench: :banana-skier: :banana-rock: :banana-rock:

I sent the the following message to Dan and Carleas:

[b]Dan, Carleas

I’d appreciate it if you would put a stop to this. If not, it’s beyond my control.[/b]

She snapped. Many objectivist I’ve come across over the years have. It’s just that few will go to this length to embarrass themselves.

If you come into my threads to shit, I must return your kindness.

I certainly hope you reported your behavior as well.

Teaching you a lesson is not embarrassing in the least.

If anyone should be embarrassed it’s a man your age, playing the games you play and having the gall to call it philosophy.

Note to others:

She created this thread:

Now, did I rerspond with this:

:banana-angel: :banana-blonde: :banana-dreads: :banana-gotpics: :banana-guitar: :banana-jumprope: :banana-linedance: :banana-ninja: :banana-rainbow: :banana-rock: :banana-skier: :banana-stoner: :banana-tux: :banana-wrench: :banana-fingers: :banana-angel: :banana-gotpics: :violence-minigun:


It being the philosophy forum, I responded with this instead:

An attempt to bring her abstract point out into the world of actual human interactions.

Decide for yourself which post most constitutes taking a shit in a philosophy forum.

As I noted with phyllo:

Do you not understand what a question is? If something is undefined or defined incorrectly, how many contexts are you expecting? What you are asking for is the cart before the horse.

his problem, ironically, is that he truly believes that he has it all figured out, that he knows how it all really is.

If ILP were a F1 Ferrari racing car…


…someone’s enjoying this situation far… too… much. :open_mouth:

Well, given “the gap” of course.

Unfortunately, as I am asking for a definition or the common understanding of Binary Choice itself, Biggie’s spiel was completely inappropriate, placing a cart waaaaay before the horse.

Do you have anything by way of a definition or understanding for Binary Choice to place in that thread?

Okay, define your terms and then respond to the point I made about bringing definitions out into the world of human interactions where some among us insist that there are binary solutions in regard to moral and political value judgments in turn: one of us/one of them.

I’m not sure what i should do.
I was hoping you could resolve this on your own.
Real life has no mods.
Real life has police, lawyers, etc.
But that is only for serious business.
Jesus once said : “Love your enemies.”
Adolf said, if i remember right, to “Always be polite,
even with your enemies”.
There doesn’t need to be a problem here, though.