looking for an idea

hey i have to right a paper for my grade 12 philosophy class on idea or a question. and was wondering if you the great people of ilovephilosophy.com have any ideas for me i was hoping to write something about metaphyics and if you had a philosophers name with the idea that would be great mabey even a book ! what ever realy i have had only 4 days in the class soo far so i downt know much we just talked about logic and sylogisms etc. ive read a book on quantum physics soo i know a bit about that, it would be cool to talk abou that… yup sooo thank you soo much!


OK, because this reads like a ‘do my homework’ post, maybe you could suggest some things you’re interested in studying? We’re happy to discuss this with you, but the idea is for you to get involved and enlightened.

ahah i kinda does srry bout that well im really interested in quantum physics and i was wondering if there any branches of philosophy that deal with the idea of quantum limbo (forget the technical term) also the whole wave function collapsing after observation… im really new to philosophy soo im not to knowledgeable on topics to study im searching on wiki as we speak ahah but its not to accurate im guessing!
srry if this still sounds like do my homework ahah im just trying to get acquainted with a couple of topics any help would be very much appreciated


quantum physics is the state of matter in an unordered state .

macrophysics deals with matter in an ordered state

hi phantom,

I’d say the most philisophically interseting topics in physics are the EPR thought experiment, Bells theorem and Aspect’s experiment all that relate to non-locality. Also the famous schrodinger’s cat and wheelers delayed choice double slits experiment.

I’d also recommend the book ‘The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism’ by Fritjof Capra.

I’d say north’s comment was a vast over simplification and very misleading. Infact its only due to the Pauli exclusion principle that solid matter has any order at all!

But remember that quantum physics will defy you common sense (but thats why its interesting).

good luck with your studies!

If you like metaphysics and you like physics and you want to write a paper about it. Given that you say you have some understanding or quantum theory you might google a philosopher named David Kellogg (maybe Kellog) Lewis. He’s got this thing about other possible worlds that are causally isolated and all this other neat stuff. You might write a pretty fly paper based on something he’s written.

thanks for all the suggestions!!! i really appreciate it!!