Looking to judge a debate, clallengers needed.....

I would really like to judge a debate. I need 2 challengers though who are willing to debate the following:

In America, criminal suspects are considered “innocent until proven guilty”.
Debate the extent to which this is true, remembering to comment on the influence of the media on publicised cases, and to use any perceived flaws or successes within the legal system itself to argue your case.

Who’s interested?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I love the smell of homework in the morning. Though I’ve gotta admit, this gambit is original.

While you’re at it B. - how about voting on “democracy/dictators” in the debates forum…?

lol sure,

im new to this section so dont know how it works exactly but im open to changing the topic, i just came up with that one on the spot kinda


tab if you find a challenger i’d be willing to offer some alternative topics?

just lemme know :slight_smile:


I might not be experienced enough for this crowd, but if you just need a body for someone to practice on… How much time to prepare, how would the debate be set up, and… is Southern Trial Lawyer style ok? :smiley: Whatever the topic, I request the negative (defense).

Gosh it’s been awhile now. I still would be interested I guess, in judging i mean but we would be one short and may also need a better topic

No hurry. I’m always happy to argue, or to NOT argue. But if there IS an argument, I wanna be in on it :slight_smile:

Samm would be happy to debate IFF needed, but he’s never done a debate in his life. I have, but I’m not that good, so you may wanna scrap this one. On the other hand, it might be entertaining?

i really don’t mind; if someone wants a debate i’d like to judge it, but I’m happy to wait until a new topic has been proposed and we have eager beavers wanting a go.
I appreciate the offers though Bec & Samm :slight_smile:

I will debate that it is guilty until proven innocent

I will debate that it is guilty until proven innocent

So would I. It may be hard to find anyone in America who believes in innocent until guilty… could we modify the topic a bit?

An eye-opening truth if i ever saw one, although I might go as far as to suggest the whole world - perhaps it is intrinsically human.

I’m not into arguing/debating, too much… But if we could drastically change the topic to be debated- I will gladly ‘debate’ a christian, one that believes the bible contains a historically accurate representation of actual events, if there are any of those fools (no offence, I genuinely believe people like that to be fools) on here.
Or I would be up for debating, more-or-less, anything to do with religion- it does more harm than good, for example.
I don’t have much experience of ‘debating’, but I’ll have a go.

If anyone else volunteers for the Christian side, they’re undoubtedly more qualified than I and I’ll gladly yield. I’m a Christian and a go for debate, BUT my personal views, that there are a number of inaccuracies in the Bible and that the god of the New Testament is not omnipotent in this world, may be too liberal for this particular challenge, as I gather that my would-be worthy opponent is only interested in challenging naive fools and religious simpletons.

I will debate that there will be no debate.

No debate at all on any topic?


Mel, will you, PLEASE, debate me?
Choose another topic, if you have to (although religion is my favourite subject), just DEBATE ME!!