Lord Saturn

The second year of the Saturn Calendar has begun.
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The first year started on December 21, 2017, when the Sun conjuncted Saturn on the first degree of Capricorn.
We have been going through the SATURN CAPRICORN year.
To remind you, Capricorn is the Devil.

Now, the Sun has conjuncted Saturn on the fifth degree of Aquarius.

This is the start of the SATURN AQUARIUS year.

Aquarius is THE STAR.

Note to others:

Let’s discuss this here: ilovephilosophy.com/viewtop … 5&t=195495

Yes, whatever your outward mask, you have made a point these last years of being fascinated with astrology, responding to all my posts on it immediately and even having created and maintained your own thread.
In private, you may well let go of your deathly attitude and honor your soul. For you do have a soul, I doubt it not.

Dangerous thought:
What to think of Saturn in relation to Abortion?
Saturn who notoriously ate his own children - is this a metaphor for abortion -
is abortion a Saturnian attitude, an unwillingness to pass the torch?

Saturn vs the Christ --??

Food for thought. Ah Ha!

“For Jesus is a subterfuge - a fleshy, Swiss looking dude wandering the holy land masquerading, obscuring the true GOD” -
God is never a man, can never be encompassed in a man

though the symbolism of the crucifixion and resurrection is meaningful, and the act of recreating ones body from the Yesodic plane is quite a feat, it is hardly comparable with the power of he who created the whole World.
It is small. Jesus is, even though he would have been stronger than most men, hardly in the vicinity of being comparable to the Four Beasts of the Crown.

Saturn, as Binah, is above the Abyss, and Jesus, when taken as an aspect of Tipharet, is below it.
Once the MERKABA is taken, Jesus is left in the dust.

And are we not MERKABATIC kabbalists?


To do list: recreate body from the Yesodic plane

From TSZ:

Yet earlier he says:

-GS 125

And then there’s his poem to the “Unknown God”:

I think it’s just a matter of eyes simply not being able to pierce the veil of being.

Sonnet 46:

"Mine eye and heart are at a mortal war
How to divide the conquest of thy sight;
Mine eye my heart thy picture’s sight would bar,
My heart mine eye the freedom of that right.
My heart doth plead that thou in him dost lie –
A closet never pierced with crystal eyes
But the defendant doth that plea deny
And says in him thy fair appearance lies.
To 'cide this title is impanneled
A quest of thoughts, all tenants to the heart,
And by their verdict is determined
The clear eye’s moiety and the dear heart’s part:
As thus; mine eye’s due is thy outward part,
And my heart’s right thy inward love of heart. "

What is behind all appearances? What is the nature of the “heart” of being? What can even be said of it considering eyes can not pierce the veil? (simply a warm, familiar darkness?)

my father says that Jupiter has been shielding the Earth from Saturn
which he understands as a sort of a “let it happen for now”
but later on there were be a reckoning

Fathers say a lot of things of course. But there’s still the part where they actually demonstrate to their children how what they say is true can actually be demonstrated to be true.

So, ask your father how he might go about doing that here such that we might be able to pin down more specifically what that reckoning might actually be.

For you.

And for the “world”.

The problem here, which relates to the error of the ER, is that N makes the world too small.
Saturn, to begin with, is hardly a conjecture. He is also far greater than the Earth.
But generally, a God is almost by definition something too great to fathom.
The problem with Christianity is that its notion of divine power only barely supersedes regular humanity. Recreating the body from the Yesodic plane is a fairly normal affair for yogis. A solid accomplishment for a man, but to presume that such a work places one on equal footing with BRAHMA is laughable.
Christ, when we take him for a god, is only extraordinary in how modest his powers are.
Nietzsche’s reference to Christianity when he speaks of God renders his whole idea of God irrelevant to someone who comes from a more serious perspective than that mud-hut of the spirit that dominated Europe in its most helpless period.

This is like a third league football team claiming there was never a greater event than when they beat the lowest ranking club of the second division.
The Christian God is a triviality, his demise is trivial as well. He never meant very much.
The highest praise that I could give Jesus is that he is the so manieth bastard child Zeus reared with an earthly maiden.
I do think was just using rhetoric to accentuate the idea that man needed to become less puny. Which was, and now more than ever is very true. But this has nothing to do with any being worthy of the name God.

Rather appalling, -
The idea that a God would require the service of a human -
a very Christian idea.

Who has ever heard of Zeus, or Poseidon, being so impotent as to be in need of the help of a human?
The smallness of it is perplexing.

There is at least some storm in this -
but again - how would a storm require the service of a human?
This idea of service - that Gods require help -
Im laughing out loud now.

And yet he did see the Will to Power.

The Will to Power. Nietzsche, when he isnt trying to reconcile with the Christian godlet, with the petty post-Roman European mystos of Constantines eunuchs, is worthy of the grin of a Titan.

We will gladly forgive him for being all too human in his lesser moments. If he didnt have such tremendous weaknesses he would certainly have been a god and couldnt have spilled all of that blood on these glorious pages.

Hail Nietzsche!

Capricorn is the devil, what?
Just because it’s a goat?
Every sign has its +s and -s.
I’ve met good and bad Capricorns.

I had never heard or thought of that but consider my eyebrows raised.

Western occultism, of which nonsiderial astrology is a major part, holds Capricorn to be the Devil.
This does not mean that each human being born with the Sun in Capricorn is himself the Devil.
If someone would have the Sun, the Moon and all the planets in Capricorn, perhaps.
Im not sure that radix has ever occurred.

But consider, the comprehensively demonic year of 2020 is marked by having Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter all in Capricorn.

Could explain why 2020 was so messed up.
I don’t think the rest of the decade is gonna be any better.

Do you think there’s an occult significance for covid-19 being called the coronavirus?
Corona, as in the solar phenomenon, a crown, dawn of a new day or era, that sort of thing?

And wasn’t there some rare astral phenomenon that occurred near the beginning of 2020?
The ring of fire solar eclipse I believe it was.
Wonder what, if any significance it had.

It is.
I am entirely confident now because Ive been predicting this crisis, that is, a global all-usurping crisis of some sort occurring in this time slot, from back in 2011, when I began looking at what PLUTO is doing.
I had realized that Pluto is coming full circle for the USA in the period of 2023-2024.
That is, when the country was created in 1776, Pluto had just entered Aquarius.
It will re-enter there, having made one full orbit, in 2023, then it will retrograde back into Capricorn twice until it gets into Aquarius definitively to stay there for a long time.
I knew that at that point, the force that created the American Declaration of Independence and Constitution, would re-visit us, and compel us to create something similar but on a broader arc.
That is to say, this time it will be for the whole world. We will establish the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on the entire globe.
Thats been my statement since 2011, and back then I was simply wondering: damn, I wonder what kind of massive crisis will occur to pave the way for this kind of extreme human activity and for such a complete turnaround.
So when this crisis struck in 2020, I just smiled cynically and whispered to myself ah-ha. Its begun.
Im still cynically smiling . As there is a lot that is happening between the lines now which I had also predicted - things which I will now not speak out as they must and will run their course and I cant stand in the way of that.

If you want to know what exactly this stuff is, go to Before the Light (in my signature) and read through my posts from 2011, 2012. Its not plastered all across there but the general outline of what is occurring now in the human species are there.
I predicted the bottom line of all of this hell based on ultra skeptical philosophy and astrology.

Pluto entered Capricorn, by the way, in November of 2008. That should send some chills up your spine.

Sure, but its quite superficial compared to the scheme that is run on its back.
It is this scheme of which I must remain silent at this point, but of which the foundational judgment is outlined on the pages of Before the Light.

There were a few rare phenomena, one of them was straight astrology; the conjunction on both longitude and latitude of Saturn and Jupiter on the Solstice.
I made damn sure I made my move that night.
What a fucking glorious night.

In any case: make a study of the years leading up to the Declaration of Independence.
And realize that George Washington was a member of a certain much discredited brotherhood which for all I know may be as dark as it is made out to be, but still not as sinister as that self-absorbed trickster back in the day who said “none shall enter my fathers kingdom except through me.”
That surely was the most selfish, despotic and destructive statement ever uttered in the history of this world. It created the foundation for this situation, as it took humans out of their being and placed them into what we nowadays call “the matrix”.

Paradise is always at the least a promise, and very often a living condition, to a brave spirit. It in a way the very same thing as courage, made of the same thing; “god”.

Lastly, a note on the occult nature of this crisis:

Can you see my smile?

Is it true that Saturn rules / governs all the other planets ?

My first thought is that the planets rule themselves in their natures, the Sun rules them in their path; Saturn is at the second gravitational node of which the Sun is the first. I think the Black Sun is in between them or something.
Its a heavy duty karmic long term vortex of focus, determining in astrology the way we evolve from love as a defence mechanisms to our dark side to a completion of competence which combines the two. A mature love of self is completed through this axis where Saturn dwells. So they call him, the dweller on the threshold.
In myth, Jupiter comes to rule the world instead of Saturn, but of course that doesnt mean that he rules Saturn.

Saturn. Yes, you might say he rules all the planets. Without his consent, nothing is done.
he is the only one who can say -
I forgot the rest of that thought, trying to specify the above;

Jupiter is the action itself, the power to act. Everyone wants to be Jupiter. Until Saturn stands in his way and gives him an option, which Jupiter has no choice but to follow.
The thing is that Saturn doesn’t like his role, not as much as Jupiter likes his; that is why he is cynical, and enjoys mostly the fruits of the work that is done on his behalf.
Saturn can be an aspect of immense pride, a backbone to the king, but of his own nature he is - that which the Sun is not; dark, silent.

He can not enjoy his participation in the world, because that is not his task. He can enjoy this ascetic power, because it is his own.

The soul as conjured in the stars finds its archetype in that miraculous wonder of splendor that the planet is; Jupiter is wild rage, Saturn is icy perfection. I suppose what he can enjoy is the same; a Russian figure skater, female, is a deeply Saturnian human. There is hardly a more disciplined profession to be found, and it results in stunning beauty. Venus is perhaps the best planet to bring out Saturns virtues; why that is I think I can safer leave up to the imagination than try to explain such a natural thing.

In short, a hard Saturn (with a square or opposition or some other challenge) means a hard life. Not as in terrible, but as in a lot of work and figuring ou ta lot of stuff through trial and error. There is no easy way about it.
With a hard Jupiter you dont have that problem, youll instead be hard on others. In case of both, there is something serious to resolve. Higher planets. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, must be put to use, to destroy the old situation and create a new chart.
Pluto can do that, provide a new chart by initiation.
Pluto is the only one not ruled by Saturn. His path is completely unrelated to the whole system, it is slanted in an enormous elliptic freefall where sometimes he is close to Neptunes path, even crossing it at some point (they could I suppose collide) and at the other point it is almost twice as far from the Sun as Neptune. This explains, or is physically parallel to, the fact of his enormous influence.

Pluto can override Saturn. But not Jupiter. It can only join Jupiter.