lotto advert

has anyone noticed how that new lotto advert with billy connolly shamelessly uses about three gags from eddie izzard’s video, definite article? i was appalled.

and he looks like a complete twat. what’s with the beard? he looks ridiculous. for someone who doesn’t usually piss me off that much (there are very few people like that left now) he has managed, in a 30 second advert, to do what he failed in a 9o minute film, and that’s make me want to kill him. and shave off that stupid beard. and the strapline is so irritating - live a lotto - a monkey with a typewriter could come up with something more inspiring.

i think the beard looks funky, but the ad is atrocious, Connelly can be f’n hilarious on his own, rather than some camelot flunky writing his “jokes” for him.

it doesn’t look funky - it looks like something small, red and pointy crawled onto his face and died