Love Poem for phoone.(and magsJ TOO!!!)))

:blush: :blush: :blush:
give me some inspiration… (love you ph0ooneu!!!)

As the grass flows…
My love for her elegant beauty grows…
As my love for her splendid vigour grows…
Her soul scorns my souls strolls…
As her soul scorns my soul toils…
My brain toils…

:blush: :blush: :blush:

Just out of curiosity, is there some actual “history” between the two of you [going back to the KT site] or is this too just something that you “thought up” entirely in your, uh, head?

some for the charming lizard magsJ!!!hmmm…
someone can start me off???

You know I would except being weary of branding.

Well I don’t know about phoneutria but I was absolutely swept away by it’s warmth and it’s passion. I feel so drawn to you right now polishyouthgotbanned… it’s, it’s weird I can’t explain it. God I’m so confused by these new feelings. Never mind I… I probably shouldn’t have said anything.

its not finished guys…just thinking it through,what does my heart sing, how does my brain put it???

You only want me for my shiny green sheen and generous grimacing smile. :frowning:


Happy New Year, Polish lad. :smiley:


fuck off

bruh same

this actually seems like a reasonable response

=D> =D> =D>
u fucking spoiled prat…do you think i need you!!! i am 6.6 180IQ i can get any any time i want… !!!wrrr
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
phone dont take it too personallly i am just joking
or maybe not :blush: :blush: :blush: ,

bruh r u on the spectrum

Are you a burnout eunuch whigger stack in the 2000s??? There are no normal people here, including myself though I am not autistic, no normal people sit on online forums in 2020 talking crap at eachothers nicknames instead of having active social lives and doing things which are simply better…some are more fucked up like kts goons some are less but do you seriously think healthy adjusted people with families and children give a shit about pseudophiloaophy forums??? Or that somebody seriously interested in philosophy will listen to some deranged rumblings written in broken English by anonymous goons who get agressive and start throwing insults as soon as you simply disagree with something???Some can change few might most won’t and will remain impotent inferior spooks till death alone in a care home or surrounded by cats and rubbish instead of grandchildren and children…

That is not to say everybody is a bum…most definitely are…I am not…my life is messed up but I work a lot and I am not a headless spook…but you are free to believe what you want…who cares??? I care what people I see as honest and thoroughbred would say of me, not spooks like you or satyr smearing innuendos without substance

Wow! That’s really rather poetic! Like that! Great images. =D>

i dont like cats

Money Hos and clothes! I thought you might take that personally, Mr R. :slight_smile: Since his arrival, Mr Polish has spent his time Cing and Fing other folk. IN CAPS!!! In my view, his energy would be better spent creating something beautiful!


Maybe polish youth has insurmountible probles, and he may think we are too under the weather or simply not smart enough to understand them.

Also, I dont set much store of this 'Big Love ’ that suddenly erupted between the young shy guy and Phone and MagsJ.

A loved one can not respond by verbal assaults upon her loved one, if it is a she even.

But, like they say, love is blind.

I agree with all that, but who’s gender are you questioning here, buddy?