Lucifer justified

Lucifer’s fall from heaven was his pride and vanity. he did not want to serve and be beneath humans, humans who fail to listen to “god” and even have faith in him. if you were in Lucifer’s place would you have served the humans or would you have taken the road of pride and vanity and say F you “god”

I hadn’t heard this - is this sourced or based on speculation?

yeah i wonder where this guy’s posts come from. nietzche and lucifer, philosophy of fight club, lucifer in general… weird, questionably philosophical stuff. the topics seem more fit for a board like “the lowbrow ramblings of incoherent


well i am not a stoner, but i do have some thoughts that i would like to talk about, pardon me for posting. if you dont like it then thats your opinion and you dont have to read it.

anyway what do you know about me that gives u any reason to judge me?

besides he is right isnt he? Is it not true that Lucifer was jelous of the attention god gave to humans?

And what kind of “all loving god” would banish one of his (once) most loyal servants to hell?

isn’t this what milton’s “paradise lost” dealt with?

Firstly, he was thrown out because he wanted God’s power instead of doing what he was created to do which was serving God himself, not humans. Secondly he was never beneath humans, humans have always been one step lower than angles so he couldn’t have felt that he was serving them. :imp:

since when is god all loving? isnt he often talked about as being vengeful?

why am i even arguing this? im an athiest!

I just went into a whole theological debate in the thread on non-christians doing good and going to hell about angels.

From the Jewish perspective this whole thing about Lucifer is nonsense because angels do not have freewill. If you want my arguments check out that thread. Here I’ll copy and paste the crux of it.

Frighter wrote:

God Himself hates every form of immorality as harmful to mankind. Thus the book of Proverbs declares, “The fear of the Lord is to hate evil.” Likewise, King David declares regarding the cruel: “I have hated them with a deep loathing. They are as enemies to me.”

Who says that hatred and vengance does not have its time and place? Perhaps its even right/righteous to do so.

“For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven… a time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace.”
–Ecclesiastes 3

Dude, Ecclesiastes totally stole that line from The Byrds.