Lucifer's Sin

God, the Profound Mystery, the Uncreated Creator, the Source of All, did create first those who would endlessly love God, the Limitless Light. Those beings, the most adoring lovers of God, the One Beyond Duality, we give the name of Angels. Of those, there was one who experienced this profound love more intensely than all the others. He was the Angel we call Lucifer. As the most passionate lover of God, the Everlasting Unity, Lucifer stood at his right hand . Lucifer served as director of the Heavenly Choir that endlessly sings the praises of the One Most High.

Then God, the Unmoved Mover, made a new creation, mankind. God, the Absolute Divinity instructed the Angels that they were to love this new creation, just as much as they loved him. All followed the divine will, save one. Lucifer refused to love mankind as much as he loved God.

Lucifer left hurt. How could he possibly love anyone else as much as he loved God? How could his beloved expect him to love another?

Lucifer holds fast to his personal idea of God. Lucifer is in love with his own private image of God rather than God as God’s Self. Lucifer’s expectations and his act of clinging to them, rather than accepting what is actually true, functions to separate Lucifer from the Light.

Lucifer’s own refusal to accept God’s all encompassing Love keeps Lucifer turned away from God. As soon as Lucifer accepts God as God is, then he will once again experience the Brilliant Radiance of God.

Lucifer banished and continues to banish himself away from the Divine Presence.

That message is more Islamic than Christian, but would be a useful message for Christians today (as if the example of Jesus’ love for all people wasn’t enough).

An interesting turn from the stereotypical view of what happened. Relious zealots come forth, now is your time!!

This also gives a new kind of image for hell then doesn’t it? If Lucifer is indeed just refusing to accept God and God’s love as they are, but is still kind-hearted and loving himself possibly then hell is a much different place than most major religious groups who follow this line would have you believe.

If he is just indulging his own belief of love over the truth then blindness or perhaps short-sightedness is his only problem. Wouldn’t that make hell not a damnable place, but someplace still full of love and kindness but just different from the way that heaven would be.

This also provides a much more believable idea that God can love all. God still loves Lucifer, but Lucifer’s non-acceptance is the barrier between the two, not God’s punishment. And that would change the “war” between heaven and hell to one of ideas of love, not possession of souls, or angels vs. demons, or some other widely proclaimed view of the war.

I just wonder how many people will actually decide to think about this or just dismiss it under their own religious clouds.

I would agree with Marshall, that Is a very islamic interpretation. Yet, Lucifer should be praised and respected as the highest symbol of Critical Thinking and Man’s independence. A being of light who would not bow to a being of clay, a creature who would not yield to a tyrannical sovereign who pursued a misguided policy and oppressed one group in his desmesne to elevate another.

I don’t not like that blood thirsty El Shaddai. He is Huitzilopochtli, not any type of merciful father, but a god who demands sacrifice and fear, obedience from his cowering tribe. Lucifer sees through El Shaddai’s plans of domination and power. Lucifer will not yield to this chief’s grab for power. PRAISED BE THE BLACK LIGHT OF IBLIS THE LIGHT OF REASON.