Lyrics, does anyone look at them?

Who actually looks at the lyrics posted in the lyrics thread

  • Always
  • Never
  • There’s other Lyrics posted!?
  • sometimes
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I’ve been wondering, those who post in the Lyrics thread, do you actually look at the other lyrics, or do you just post your own?

there’s a lyrics thread?!??!?

there’s a lyrics thread?!??!?

I both post my own and read others.

now my question: To what end is this, your original question?

sometimes…, if I have time. :confused:

I was wondering because, I usually just post lyrics, and don’t read the others, so I was curious to how many people actually use the thread to read the lyrics to different songs.

I like using it to find quotes to put my msn name as.

I like looking at the lyrics and finding out what taste in music people have.

Sometimes. Sometimes they’re inspirational, sometimes they give insight into the place where the poster is at.


Yeah, I’ve been reading them more now, I agree.

By the way, nice avatar, Osaka rocks.

Yes… yes she does. She’s like my perfect animated counterpart.

Yes, yes it does.

Yes, yes it does.

Does what?



manifested, you wish you were as cool as Osaka.

Manifested can be almost as silly as Osaka. Almost.

Following the bubbles as we speak.

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