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"Allow us to become the molecular biology of paradise if we die we die! At least we tried! there ain’t no need to lie I don’t want you to cry at least have time to say goodbye…

take all the time, here, use it, don’t confuse it or lose it, these other no good thoughtless life processes didn’t care much for conscious music! Right that’s what i said. Fnck out of here! I rewrite my scribes, for the next time we collide, if or and I do die, so what? i’d feel fine if you were here this night, I’d do or die for that one, special someone, but what does she care I share the faithful through patterns of stargates pass portals blazing sacrificing my own y todo, all for and of the prosperous your shit was faulty and a glitch I found it humorous stuck in the matrix 3rd eye open scoping the joint perplexing shit let me clarify this, if it were to all have meant anything, it was really meant for something that the ninos would kick! Shit if i bled tears of joy for anything it was to wrest easy of control far apart from these heathens and fold over 10 times from the side of your ride for believing, if I were to die, then I’d want that death to portray how we as adults lived! Here just take the wheel kid! Breathing the fumes from days past as if mohejo daro was anything to bypass…i’ll just kick back and laugh…"

(Personal lyrics of mine…)

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Lyrics, lyrics
lemme get in the spirit
Ive done it, I know it
cause Im a motherfucking poet

Yeah I fucked your mother
while you fucked your brother
while your father fucked the sheep
yeah hes such a fucking creep

So then I walked away
leaving her to dry
Shell be making dinner
Thinking of me in her

Shell listen to your stories
knowing full well
how fucking bloody gory
the parts that you don’t tell

Yeah your mom is wise
she sure knows how to ride
Ill sneak in again someday
when you’re out to pray.

Outstanding! =D> =D> =D> =D>

Glad I could contribute to this awesome but very short thread.