MacDonalds goes healthy!

Was anyone else as elated as I was on hearing that MacDonalds plan to sell cheap bags of cut-up fruit as of this April. I even heard there would be Macaroni cheese too! Will the organised resistance to globalisation and consumer pressure actually believe their mouths … ? …

I’m sure that they will either be criticised for:
1 ) not publicising it enough,
2 ) making out that they are ‘in touch’ with their consumer base, and that the health of their customers is a major priority,
3 ) undercutting hard-working family-run grocery stores,
4 ) that the price of all their other products has risen (the double cheese-burger has already risen an inflation-busting 40p, or 41%),
5 ) using genetically-engineered products to cut down the cost of their expensive healthy initiative,
6 ) being cynical,
7 ) being macdonalds,
8 ) booting ronald

Is anyone else as McHappy and as McExcited and as McFullofanticipation as I am to see the symbol of globalisation, of subliminal persuation, of peace, of decadence, of capital, and of imperialism, respond to their criticisms (even if in the name of ‘choice’, or to reverse their falling sales, or to make their customers thin again) by supplying us with 59p bags of sliced fruit to fill the recommended amount, and with pasta salad, and with Robinson’s fruit shoot drink. The fast-food producers (albeit, a lot of fat and misery and manipulation too late) has finally awoke, and has delivered consumers with an initiative which is in the public and private interest.

Pangloss, I just have one question: do you work for McDonalds? First the avatar, now a thread of free advertisement on ILP. My skeptical side senses a hidden agenda :wink:

I hearby second Matthew E.'s motions, come on Pangloss fess up you corporate stooge!

The cynical part of me thinks it is being done for purely commercial reasons, or just to get them some good press because of flagging sales (nb, I don’t know if their sales are flagging). Another cynical parrt of me (there are lots) says it might be becausethey found their customers are always guilty a having a macciedees, and that if they have a cheap bag of fruit, they don’t feel so guilty so are more likely to come.

And definatly 3+5 as well. And 7.

This news bulletin seems relevant to this thread: