magj is clearly the most annoying member

she’s uptight. Some biatch in the ad industry that makes contacts and networks and all that shit, then poses on the philo board as a um, smart person. nope. I target her as my number one enemy in the online world.

magj, wanna talk?

at least spell her name correctly. magsj. with an “s”

and I disagree…and find it rude for you to be calling her this as she’s probably the most positive person on the board.

:laughing: sexy flirting going on :laughing:

Where is the popcorn, my money is on Magsj. go girl , go girl! yeaaaaaa Magsj! :smiley:

Let’s have a contest! My money is on… Kris! =D> :laughing:

yeah I actually just realized there are a few people on the board deserving that title. (including kris)

probably you too realunoriginal. jeeze. let’s just derail this thread.

I’m positive!? Hahaha, you’re too kind Koifer! :laughing: :laughing:

Honestly, I didn’t expect to come off that way… :evilfun:

okay fine. I want a fight!

so while kris is rooting magsj to beat nano-bug, I’ll be rooting for magsj to beat kris. in a battle of kindness? this is awesome.

we should place a bet. payable through paypal.

i believe it was a sexy subtle pickup "technique :laughing:

that’s a hell of a pickup line.

still, doesn’t change the contest. you want in? join my side.

it follows a similar format and purpose to the “pandora” thread.

magsj, i hate you and your mom. want to talk? :laughing:

stop it! nano-bug and I had a deal. he would insult her and I would swoop in and defend her honor.

I am so all over that. step off bitch.


She sure is the most postive person. You can thread anything and she’ll come and say I dont understand, never experienced anything like that, but if i did, i’d do it with a smile.

Its all a part of advertising, fake happy people.

she must be really cut throat in her biz.

I wish her luck in her career, but I also hope she burns in hell amongst the fiery billboards.

maybe she’s an internet sex predator :astonished:

I love all the anger against an anonymous internet persona. you’re oh so very intelligent.

go smoke some weed koifer stove top stuffins.

stove top muffins?

I actually stopped smoking weed. It started making me feel weird and I wasn’t enjoying it. I suppose maybe a few times a year I could indulge, but other than that I am done.

just saw it said stuffins. not muffins.

still don’t get it though.

Thanks Koifer :slight_smile: