Magsj, stop banning people, your perpetually in the wrong.

You banned Ecmandu over literally nothing.

People can’t learn to avoid “bad behaviors” if they are hidden and only unreasonable to you, yet makes sense and finds support as commonplace and well within reason by others.

You had no reason to ban Ecmandu. Nobody is learning any lessons or deeper wisdom, we are not forming a conditioned response to your antics, nobody is aware of the very random algorithm you use to attack forum members with bans.

Apologize to Ecmandu, permaban yourself, and let philosophy carry on.

We can talk freely without you, but not so when your around. That’s a problem, your the problem. Go away. Occam’s Razor says your the problem, every time we have a problem, a moderator is falsely moderating, in this case you. Just knock it the fuck off, or find a different hobby, as philosophy is obviously not a good fit for you.

The offending thread Magsj attacked Ecmanfu with.


Ecmandu, in philosophy, your free to speak your own mind. This will never be taken away from you unless we all allow it. Nobody should continue to allow her sort of craziness. It is unwarranted.

I had 4 days to think about this !


Chill out a bit Turd, I wanna see if this goes somewhere

So be it, just know she doesn’t stand for reason. Many have tried in the past, best just to smack her fingers hard with a hammer when she starts trolling by interfering in threads by threatening then banning people. But we will see if your way works, just be aware she will likely just fake it, acting like it was miscommunication on “your part” then will ban someone again for just as random reasons.

It is like police raiding a public park, whipping batons out on people at picnic tables for no fucking reason, they cite the reason afterwards, if your even allowed back, in a PM you can’t access while banned, and it us always 100% bullshit, and you can always point to 10 people doing far worst going unmolested on the boards. Completely randim- but yeah, you try to get her to explain it, I will watch quietly, knowingly, like a gentleman. I’m holding onto the hammer though, learned my lesson in the past.

You’ll never guess Turd!

The reason in the description of my ban:

“Trolling a moderator”

I think that’s a misuse of the term in context, it was more to get back at me for calling a poster a troll…

But, in all honesty, if I had gotten the warnings, I would have taken it to PM…

It is what it is…

4 days went by and here we are

Carleas was defending it on the assumption that I was ad homming like crazy…

And that’s against board rules…

That’s why I want to debate him on it!