Mannequin's Art

I’ve decided to learn to digitally paint this year as a creative goal for personal improvement and to express the chaos within myself as a means of coping with reality. I already knew how to draw and paint, but digital is something new to me.

I was given a Wacom Intuos Tablet/pen as a gift so decided to get stuck in.

Demon Girl

A young Demon girl who hunts the local townspeople late at night, often kidnapping little children and feeding on their blood and sharing their dead remains among the other demons.

She enjoys tying up humans, enslaving them into a life time of bondage. She torments them, licks them, bites them and loves holding them up in contorted body positions as the blood drips down her face, body and into her skin.

She is the most brutal.

That’s fucking scary dude. No shit, I’m not even being sarcastic. Something weirdly real or possible about it. The eyes or soemthing… it’s looks like an oblivion character (game). Very creepy Wally.

Yes, she is a savage when she kills, shows no mercy or empathy for her victims… i painted glee and hate into her eyes too with a slight wonder…when she looks at you…she really looks at you…

My second installment!

Title: Wife

That’s it! I’m god damn tired of this marriage! All she does is complain about how unhappy she is…So i decided to divorce her …differently…I tried to explain to her that I respect traditional values and, pretty much, wanted to live under a patriarchy in my house…but god damn feminism ruined her, changed her for the worse…her and her stupid women’s rights and independence! Always moaning about how she could do better and how i should be so lucky to have such a woman…I had enough! time to put this shit to an end!

Better make sure your wife doesn’t find the picture or you’ll be in deep trouble. I’ve been hauled over the coals for much less that.

My 3rd installment… it’s called Bubble Fancy

Mr. Bubble Fancy, He always likes to visit me on a Friday night when I am home alone, his tongue is always in search of some delicate delights of the human body!! He giggles a lot and only wants to PLAY!!! but i don’t wannnnnnnna!!! or maybe i do!

Somehow she doesn’t look scary to me. She looks kind of sad and confused and more than a bit stubborn. The red across her mouth and face is like something to keep her from speaking/from having a voice, like a gag of some kind, and the longer it stays on, the longer the horns protruding from her forehead. That is what created the demon which she has become.

Those would appear to be teardrops falling from her eyes. But I think that you’re very very good.

I just don’t see anything scary about her.

She was once a human…

She’s still human.

What came first, did you do the image or the text?

What to me is the creepiest about her? The little wispy hairs escaping her horns. I usually like wispy but those hairs to me are creepy. They seem to have a life of their own.
Is the red supposed to be blood? If so, why have it in that way? Why not have it dripping down her mouth and chin looking like she really had a feast.

I thought it was supposed to be a child (albeit a horned one) who’d recently eaten a strawberry jam sandwich.

^^^ lol!

Yes, and migrants are beautiful innocent people, who are coming here because they just want a better life and will be glad to be given the opportunity to work and contribute to society.

What brought the above into the equation?
But I do get your irony there and I can agree with it. We must always remember the Trojan Horse.

I know.

She pissed you off and you stabbed her to death?

Yeah, basically, well she was always seeing how far she could push her luck with me, answering back, slacking on the housework, terribly blowjobs etc…She was always talking about something called, umm or what’s it’s called? errr women’s …rights?..or something… anyways, it was nonsense whatever came out of her mouth, by default of her gender, of course…See, her father wasn’t present in her childhood, so she found it difficult to recognize male authority…I figured a few domestic violent acts should set her straight, this wasn’t the case, especially with the entire system backing her… so yeah, had to dispose of her body conveniently…

You really exhausted the red didn’t you?

But why did you cut off her hands? I might have thought that you would have cut out her tongue and left it next to her - kind of a metaphorical statement for all of her complaining?

By having an exposition of it on ILP. They’re coming to get you, you know. :evilfun:

Sounds very… paedophilic. Is he someone that actually existed?

Manneguin’s text doesn’t sound like that of a child’s.

Maybe just an adult who wants to live out a fantasy but isn’t quite ready to say YES to it.

Yeah, i’m not quite ready to say yes to these kinds of things, due to my intimacy issues and immaturity…

story of my life…