March 4 and far right conspiracies theories...

according to the right wing conspiracy nuts… March 4 is another
key date… according to them, every president after 1871, for some
weird obscure reason, no president after that date has been an “legal” president
and we have had only 19 legal presidents… and on March 4, IQ45 according to them,
IQ45 will become the legal president, number 20… now being rational or logical
is not their strong suit for example given their theory, IQ45 isn’t a legal president either…
but hay, lets not quibble with anything like facts…one example of this holding some
water for the right wing… IQ45 hotels in DC from March 3 to March 7 has raised their
prices to insane levels… this only works if, if a lot of people are expected in town
to watch IQ45 take over the government…

so I would look for some sort of violence on or around March 4…which is why
the national guard has remained in DC since Jan. 20… they are expecting more
violence especially during that time in early March…also they are upping
the local and state awareness during that time…

never underestimated the sheer stupidity of these people… which includes,
well you know…