Mark hamill isn't gay.

He never shows up in my gaydar, I can sense it in my bones. He is just effete or a fairy boy. Thing is, you can’t just flood someone with estrogen and expect them to turn gay. It doesn’t work like that.

George Lucas isn’t a Jew, he didn’t force the cast of Star Wars to suck his dick or do Illuminati sex rituals to get hired, I know Mark Hamill isn’t gay. Notice how Mark Hamill hasn’t been in any really popular major films since Star Wars? If you want to be an on-screen whore, they make you be a litteral whore, it’s part of their rituals. Now you may say “Oh, I thought Illuminati was ran by evil white people, not good innocent Jews.” Well, Walt Disney hated Jews but look at Disney now, it’s ran by Jews. Funny how that always seems to work out. It’s also funny how shitlibs seem to claim Hollywood is all inclusive and for gay rights and shit, and yet, there are no black directors, no asian directors, hardly any black or asian actors, gay actors, and zero transexual actors ever. Yet there are a disproportionate amount of Jews in Hollywood, when Jews are only 3 percent of the population, yet are almost half of the population of hollywood. Funny how shitlibs seem to say that Hollywood is all about equality and shit when it seems like there are a higher proportion of Jews than there are even whites, and zero black or asian directors at all and hardly any black and asian actors, zero gay or transexual actors at all. Funny how shitlibs are okay with this, and tell me I dare not say anything to hurt the Jews feelings, when it’s clear that Jews are even more racist and discriminatory than whites. For all I know, Jews even run the new Neo-Nazi movement, Trump is a Jew and the Nazis wanted trump to win…seems odd doesn’t it.

Shitlibs are still trapped in 1942 land…to a shitlib, Jews are still the victims. The villians, are the victims. For example let’s say, Jews had taken over the world, putting whites and blacks in labor camps and making them eat poop (litteral poop) everyday. Shitlibs would still be saying “those poor jews” and if a white or black complained and said “I hate jews” the shitlib would slap their wrist and say “How dare you, you racist!” The slaves would be fighting each other, infighting, and the villians would be the victims, Jews, the eternal victims. That’s how it is today, Jews run hollywood and deny jobs to whites, blacks, asians and transexuals, yet shitlibs say we are not allowed to complain, that if we complain we are “evil racists” because Jews are the eternal victims and not the eternal villians. Doesn’t matter that in the Bible they genocide every Philistine, Pagan, and Gentile tribe they come across and genocide even the children, we still feel sorry for the Jews somehow. Far as Nazis goes, who do you think funded the Nazi movement? It was Prescott Bush, grandfather of George Bush. Or are you so ignorant you don’t wish to believe it? Are you some fucking retarded shitlib who is so ignorant of basic facts of history, or some retarded cuckservative Xian retard who doesn’t even want to know the facts so you can believe your fucking retarded God Yahweh Zionist genocide delusion? The fact is, Prescott Bush funded the Nazis. But guess who is for Zionism and Jews? George Bush is a Zionist Jew supporter and agent of the Jews. George Bush pushes fascist and draconian orwellian laws and is a Zionist Jew supporter…Prescott Bush, his Grandfather, funded the Nazi Movement…Coincidence?? Hmm… Why is there a type of jew called an AskeNAZI jew? Oh and what else does Nazi standfor? National Socialist? Is it a coincidence that shitlibs, the new socialists of this nation, act like facist nazis that can’t be reasoned with? [i][b]Is it coincidence that Trump was accused of being a Neo-Nazi, yet is actually a rabid Zionist Jew??[i/][/b] Coincidence?? Coincidence that the Neo-Nazi party supported Trump even though he was a fuggin’ Zionist Jew?? How fucking ignorant can you be, get your head out of your ass you ignoramus!!! Or were you one of them all along??? People think Hitler was a grand manipulator, but what I think is, he was actually manipulated by the Jews. Which feels more logical to you? Or are you too stupid to think on your own without the lying media telling you what to believe! Are you so stupid to think men wouldn’t kill off members of their own tribe to secure more power for themselves? How retarded are you?? Did you even watch the first 5 minutes of Dark Knight?

Anyway, back to Mark Hamill. Isn’t gay, just a fairy. I once knew this femboy who bragged to me about him being a gay person kicking some straight dudes ass in a fight. But I get to the bottom of things. Trixie gets to the bottom. I always get to the truth. Turns out, he admitted he wasn’t even gay, he accidentally let it slip he liked boobs, then the truth snowballed from there, told me he even fucked a woman before and liked it. I’m telling you, I swear to GOD, 80% of these so called gays aren’t even gay, just men either abused by women or abused by men or sexually frustrated males. You put me in a room with Milo Fagopolis for an hour I gaurantee I can get him to spill the beans, I’m telling you, Milo Fagopolis isn’t actually gay. I’m starting to wonder if even Chris Crocker or Elton John is actually gay, Elton John writes songs about a female love interest as a kid, we are expected to believe it is just made up bullshit, but maybe he is trying to tell us something. Though, I definitely know Milo isn’t gay. Queen wasn’t born gay either, I can gaurantee they turned that way for some reason. Ryan Gosling was definitely born gay though.

Now, the reason Gay conversion therapy doesn’t work, is because they’ve got it all wrong. Doctors and psychiatrists are all retards. Harley Quinn is a psychiatrist, you’re telling me she’s smarter than the Joker? No, obviously Joker knows more about human psychology than a PhD psychiatrist. The DSM is a bunch of quackery, a ponzi scheme to get themselves money and false prestige. In Gay conversion they electrocute you, this causes the submission reflex, the submission reflex increases the desire for penis. It’s a fact of nature, these retards, these simpletons with PhDs can’t seem to figure it out. Yet say this is 1990 and I was born in 1970. If I go on campus, If I go to the lab, they won’t let me have any say, they are Apes with PhD’s, they only listen to other Apes with PhD’s, they are absolute fuggin’ closeminded Retards of the highest order. Now, back to Gay conversion therapy camp. Also, when they teach Christian Xian cuck values to them, its always a gay-sounding pastor teaching them, it just amplifies the gay. “Come to me… my children…God Loves You!” What the fuck is that even? I feel like I’m being trolled. This is supposed to cure the gay? How retarded can you be?? Forcing female porn on them, clockwork orange style, don’t work either, they just imagine they are the one being penetrated in the porn. Forcing lesbian porn don’t work either, they are to the mental point where need to see a penis to get aroused. No I tell you what will work and turn a gay man straight. Give him testosterone if he’s got low testosterone. But if he’s got high testosterone, he needs less testosterone. But it don’t work the reverse. You can’t just flood someone with estrogen and expect them to turn gay. It don’t work like that. They will just want to be hot lesbian, won’t turn them gay. How to turn someone gay is to sexually frustrate them to the point of violence, then deny them the ability to do violence, so their violence turns inward, masochism. The other way is to rape them or molest them to the point where they can’t bury the trauma, this will cause a stockholm submissive lust reflex effect. Other way is to surround them with mediocre females who don’t love them, and they have stinky pussies, they will say to themself “there must be more to life than this” and seek out the gay lifestyle, thinking it was their original idea when they were actually nudged to do so.

Yes indeed, like the Jews will just sit back and wait for the trump/brexit storm to fail or blow up. You get white quarterbacks in nfl because they are the main guy, the black dude can get the concussions and commit suicide. On the other hand doesn’t all this point to a white ruling elite and not a jewish one? The Jews they just slaphead and let them carry on, because its just the right bullshit they need to stay in control. Did you notice the looks on the whites faces when obama got in power, I was thinking, there may be trouble ahead…!

The whites make up 90% of the population of America…they voted for Obama in the first place.

Most American whites are stupid, and easily manipulated by power structures. In order to manipulate stupid people it is essential to rig and control the media and deny coverage or silence and shame outsiders.
The hollywood statistics are that 55% of hollywood is white, 40% is jew, 5% various minorities. Yet Jews only make up 3% of the population, yet proportionally have 500% percent more control of hollywood than whites, 5000% proportionally more control of hollywood than blacks and asians and minorities, 50000% more control than transexuals or social non-comformists.

It is quite obvious to the Thinking Man that Jews funded Nazis and created the Nazi movement. Obvious because, Prescott Bush funded the Nazis in 1942, and the Bush family are rabid supporters of the Zionist Jew movement. Even the word Nazi was taken from AshekeNazi jew. It is very obvious if you watch Star Wars how the nazis came to be, however Hitler is NOT emperor palpatine…if anything he is Count Dooku, being USED by the power structures to play the secret agenda like Star Wars. Hitler thought he was actually fighting Jews, when he was actually playing into their plan. Now adays, Neo-Nazis support and vote for Trump, even though Trump is a rabid support of Zionist Jews. If you cannot see the connections, then you are either too biased to see clearly or actually an agent of the conspiracy.