Math, Computer Science, and "Linux"

Math is the word for that which always has existed, and always will exist (Kant used the term “a priori”). It is the form of all possible forms.

Computer science concerns the modes in which humans are best able to embody math.

“Linux” (sometimes also, “Unix” or “POSIX”) is the name that we often use to invoke the concept of computer science, in an everyday, non-academic sense.

Since 2005, I have been increasingly drawn into the realm of math by way of the Linux command-line environment. Starting in 2011, I got into web programming, and my journey into that realm quickly turned into the development of a sort of Linux-on-the-web.

I call it “Linux on the Web”.

This hypertext reference can be used load it into modern web browsers.

Maybe legit, but this guy looks scarily like a ransome-ware bot.

Oh, okay, I checked his post history, lol. He’s a human.