math question

does this make sense?

a=a is identity
k is iteration

Is there a better way to represent memetic recombination (variation) in line with the Golden Rule (creating toward the eternal)?


prove it


triple dog dare you

That’s not the correct order of events.

When someone puts a bunch of random symbols together, it’s up to them to explain how it makes sense.


That makes perfect sense, and if you don’t think it does, that’s probably because you have no idea what those symbols in that order means, because I haven’t told you…

It says:

you in money pics
you pay me $200

I’m gonna have to say psshhh no.

Did you mean to post this to this subforum? As opposed to, say, creative writing or something? The sandbox maybe?

This is the realest math there is. There are ideas/concepts (memes) encoded in genes, bro. If you consider all the stuff that behaves according to fractals etc etc etc this whole damn universe is encoded with memes like a giant gene — a scroll, if you will. The organic way cultures work and grow if power is balanced & die if it is too imbalanced — same in the self, same in the cosmos, same everywhere. The timeline is like the string of a bow, now is like where the string was pulled back and released … the space between reverberations … a living rest embedded in the whole, if you tune your ear to it.

The creative forums are more philosciphy than the philosciphy forums.

The quantum matrix is bursting with chaos-driven reactions. This life is nothing short of a summoning reimagining of archetypal rejuvenation. The goal of bio-electricity is to plant seeds of learning rather than yearning.

No learning w/o the yearning.

That last post of mine was courtesy of a random new age bullshit text generator.

It works as such for a reason.

Yes, my post and your post match. TWINS!

You posted a bunch of random symbols in some sort of quasi-mathematical looking structure and asked if it makes sense. It doesn’t make sense to me. You haven’t really put any of the sort of basic effort in into making it make sense.

Einstein didn’t just say “e = mc squared, make sense?” and then mic drop and walk away. He published full featured papers explaining the whole goddamn thing and what e = mc2 means and why he thinks it’s true / useful / meaningful.

You apparently want your silly drawing to make sense, so do some work and make it make sense. If you don’t want to do the work, then this isn’t science or math, it’s just silly little kid doodles.

You yearn to find your twin. You learn your twin was not what you expected. You mourn.

Because you are incompleteness wandering through what you imagine is a void.

Privation with a critical eye respecting only perfection, but damning it as mere abstracta.

Projectile vomited nausea.

To which you eternally return.


there fixed it

Do you want it to make sense? Do you want it to make sense to other people? Do you want other people to understand what this stuff means?

I provided a key.

I explained it in papers & posts.

I would like to speak it in math, but am not certain such a math exists. That is not saying much.

In papers and posts? So you’ve posted a goofy drawing in this thread but the explanation for what it means is somewhere else, not in this thread, and not even linked to in this thread?