Maybe the best argument lies within us

I am yet to see a good explanation for man’s natural ability to believe in something greater than him.

Noone escapes from this rule, nor the so-called “sceptics”, “agnostics” and “free-thinkers”.

Ever reflected upon the great difference between submitting to the “Will of God” and submitting to the “Will of Nature”, or the similarity between “the hard road towards perfection and God” and the “strenuos way towards the Ãœbermensch”?

I don’t understand just what is the explanation you seek. Why humans believe in something greater than them?
If that is the case, you can chuck it to our ability to imagine.
But let’s not just curl up to Natural Theology of vain philosophies. Just the simple use of language and mathematics is to believe in that which is greater than ourselves. So the faith might change in degree but not in kind.
Is there anything else you were seeking?

yeah, but I think you wouldn’t understand…

Any sort of admiration or craving for higher powers, is actually an indirect will to become equal to, or a part of that higher power.

In the game-theory, this would mean that the individual would want to join and fuel the most powerful and advanced group.

It’s all part of our survival instincts, which are good, imperfect parts of us.

thats right Nature came alone,God is an adult excuse for destroying future childrens lives.


Quite some time ago there was a thread on original sin, and in it I made the observation that there is no way to look out upon all of nature and not be in awe. Whether the tiniest flower or the majesty of the night sky, to both be part of, and conscious of, and to realize our insignifcance in the universe inspires a humbleness that demands our acknowledgement that there is something greater than ourselves.

And so the answer is all around you.

I can’t accept the concept of submitting to; as part of all that is, there is parity among all the ‘things’ of creation. What I think and feel, and how I act out is no less a part of existence than the nuclear fires of a star.


What the heck are you talking about? Can you please write some kind of logical argument?