Me, Magsj, Smears...

Are there any old-school ILP posters still active?

It seems like we are the “final three” remaining these days…?

Faust, Detrop, SilentSoliloquy, Uccisore, Satyr, Silhouette, Joker, etc etc. all gone (…destroyed by mental weakness and lack of philosophical passion).

Few of us remain, who else?

Those who have admitted dump-posting over others’ high-quality insightful intelligent posts… they know who they are, not including Satyr here… have no business being here, so good riddance to some of the above that did… negative intentions have a way of coming back to haunt the ill-intentioned.

Iambiguous, Meno, Phyllo, Felix, Bob, Arcturus, Shield, and Fixed Cross, Sauwelios, Parodites… whom post as and when.

I’ve seen others log-in but not post, so lurking.

That’s a decent list.

The funny thing is, I don’t remember iamb beyond the recent year. If he was posting in the past, I remember nothing about him or what he’s said, lol. He’s just not an interesting person to me.

Parodites, I don’t think he’s older than a few years around here?

I made this thread to reminisce about the respectable and interesting minds that have come and gone, and those of us who beat out Attrition and stayed.

I can respect those who survive Attrition. It means we’re worthy of some insight.

according to your information, you joined ILP in Jun 19, 2017…
I am not sure how you get to be “old school” if you just joined
ILP? and I in fact, I have been here longer then MagsJ…so I am not sure
how you get to being an “old school” if you have been here about 5 minutes…

but of course, you are a pathological liar, so there is that…


Says the retard who thinks I live in a cabin in Siberia.

Anybody with more than two braincells to rub together, know that I’ve been here over a decade.

If truth be told… same.

I knew of him, but not about him… until recent years, when he seemed to start showing up on everyone’s radar… but not in a good way.

He is… under previous pseudonyms, but I’m not sure whom and when.

…and that we also haven’t run out of things to research into, think about, and discuss… which needs a constant stream of consciousness to support that process and to make sense of it in the mind.


Yet another opportunity for me to expose the sham that Urwrong is here…

I challenge – dare – him to go one on one with me in regard to our respective moral and political philosophies at the existential intersection of identity, value judgments, conflicting goods and political economy

He can choose the issue, he can choose the context. In fact, he can tag-team with gloominary and really thump me.

urwrong i dont even know who you are i had no idea that you weren’t new

K: as far as I am concerned, if you had different names in the past, but call yourself UR today,
without informing the ILP crowd, what your prior names were, that is lying… go ahead,
be brave once in your life and tell us your previous names…

by holding other names in the past without acknowledging that, that is lying…
by attempting to deceive others as to who you have been in the past, that is lying…

you are a pathological liar…even to hiding your prior ILP names…


I appreciate those who survive Attrition.

People have to be tested, if they are to earn the right to eat the Fruits of Philosophy.

You know exactly who I am

i really dont

i dont pay attention to all the who has which username and who is who and all that stuff man

u can keep pretending all u want

it’s not that you’re sneaky or something, it’s that i really don’t pay attention or notice that kind of shit. if you’re sitting there thinking that i know who you are or what you’re old name was or something then you’re actually wrong.

regardless, ive been around this forum long enough to know what’s what

i miss Uccisore honestly, id like to have the old conservatives back to see their opinion on all this madness going on

i know joker had a lot of names but you can’t be him or you would have changed your poltical views and switched up your label for yourself a dozen times already. like he’s a paleo nativist anarcho syndicalist humanist antihumanist like he puts all those words into a hat and picks 1 or 2 every other monday.

the first year i was here, i remember satyr and McLaren arguing for months in feminization of man thread

I remember Tab and the blond woman in threads talking about fluff constantly

I can’t remember if joker came before or after i arrived

yeah i’ve got no idea

o ok… bye then