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Wow, holy shit lol.

Um. Gotcha.

All communists are teacher’s pets. They just want a teacher that will really use that whip, so they don’t feel silly when they are the only ones obeying.


Didn’t I say it though? Before this was posted? That the only difference between a communist and a fascist is honesty? The fascist is just more honest about conditions on the ground. Only difference.

Holy guacamole. Hombre.

Btw the war has already been going on for about 200 years. And we have been consistently kicking your ass. Your only victories are debatable propaganda ones.

Wow that was hard to read. But I guess it’s time I face the truth.

It’s time.

Lol, excessive freedoms HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Damn. I swear I’m having flashbacks of all my elementary school teachers.


Mr R. Mr R please reconsider.

Think, man!

That’s not me.

The point is I think that you fight for these agendas, against freedom.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply you wrote those things. I realize now it seems that way when you read the posts.

These are not quotes of Mr Reasonable.

What Jakob said.

You guys are way off.

Okay well thats just like your, um, opinion, man.

How did I become the strawman for people who want to attack the left? I’m not a tranny, or a racial minority. I just think that politicians should have manners and I have an appreciation for leaders who are able to express themselves without devolving into schoolyard insults.

Please excuse this little drive-by use of a thread.

Just checking if it works.

That’s both racist and transphobic. Hahaha.

Dude you sum up the left so well. Mass murder with a glib smile. Trump despises both and ended the US reliance on them.

He does but who are the ones who comprise his popularity? The ones with like mindsets, who against all reason, demonstrate that historical reliance on overt middle of the road
assumptions, based on abysmal eruptions of suppressed power, who can turn one’s repressed forces into general chaos , turning the very foundations of principles upside down for gain with rallied to principles.

Only desperation of total blindness can bring this about, the anathema that has become aware of it’self in such a way, that their fear of naive acceptance of simplest self imaged denied, turned around eclipsing a totally contradicted sensibility.

This absence of the ideological world sensibility, has left in its wake an unprecedented lack of certainty, within and without borders, of world wide versus nationalistic interests.
That the political and scientific uncertainty pits against , great power to the hidden force that repression unearthed , seductively into an identifiable idiotic entity.
That underlies the total failure of naively interpreted reality,

The very rationale for suspending this naivety, build semblance of manifest destiny, involves all of the third world, that comprises far more souls than the ‘West’ can muster up.

Who wins in a battle between man against the machine? Well see in this coming identifiable epoche , of the war of singularities.

The left is mired in confusion, and its only way out is a general thrust of projected images that the right counterpunches. The middle ground has to be assumed , and is merely working assumptively, albeit, on vacously.
The heretofore ideological ground between socialism and capital, has left and ideologically descriptive world teetering on insignificance.
If I am beginning to sound a bit like Zizek, it may be understandable. … g-warning/