Media influence. What a great tool to get your opinion believed. Its no longer used by just the major large worldwide news corporations. Hundreds if not thousands of websites and small radio/TV stations use manipulation skills. Editing speeches taking part of a whole and inserting a convincing commentary about the words the speaker said. It works very well.
Are there counter tools out there to prevent media manipulation other than just plain old common sense?

From another thread:

James I don’t think you are old enough to remember how reporters were up until mid 60s.
They were flat, dry unemotional. They reported only facts not opinions. Vietnam war really changed the reporting ways. A couple of others on this site are old enough to see the media difference.
I also recall that several days before a president was to give a public speech the news told people when it was to be. It no longer happens that way. The speeches are generally aired at low viewing times, day time during the week or early evenings during general meal time or travel times… Its rare for a speech to be given during prime time or advertised.
I did not know about this speech, how many actually watched it? What time and station was it on?

There are three things that when combined constitute a “god on Earth”. Unfortunately they were discovered thousands of years ago. And technology makes them far easier to implement.

News/Entertainment-Media is one of them.

The only reparation necessarily involves serious sacrifice, as was done the first time that plague covered the world. But a different kind of sacrifice is required now, since they didn’t get it precisely comprehensive the last time. And you know how little people crave to sacrifice anything.

Actually you are right about the craving. It is sad. The credibility of the media with their manipulations is going down hill. This one video is one tiny item in a long list of questionable things. The worst part is: most don’t even try too hard to hide the manipulation. Its more of : I am right, you will believe me or I will ruin you, attitude.

The serious problem is that it is far, far, far worse than you think it is. The world of psychology is the most influential business on the planet. It is the business of priests, ministers, wizards, sorcerers, magicians, politicians, writers, teachers, parents, and just about everyone in society, collectively in the age of sciencism referred to as “Social Engineers”.

Literally all of the money in the world (around $1 quadrillion) has been made from the “thin air” of psychology. Their weapon of choice is “The Media” and their target of choice, is “The Children”. And of course, Money is power (except in the presence of Media). And almost the entirely of it is about deception (these days). The “dark side” of society has become unimaginably dark with no light on the horizon. And that is why I don’t post much on this forum. You aren’t supposed to know what is being done TO you and certainly not how. And you still don’t. Even when told, you simply cannot believe it. Even those involved have no idea how deep in the darkness of deceptions they have drifted. Everyone has to believe that at least most of what they see is truth, else the mind simply collapses.

Also from a different thread;

They seek the formation of a total Global union of all life, a “singularity” of ultimate power (as they have said themselves, “We WILL be gods”). In physics it is known as a “black hole” (and not referring to the US President … this time).

Oh I know all of that.
What interests me is your statement of not posting too much and concern of being found.


?? Concern if being found??
I have no concern of being found… ?

My much greater concern is one of NOT being found. :confused:
Until you learn just how deep and dark that hole gets, you haven’t found ME. =;

This is why republicans pushing the citizen’s united case and getting corporations the same rights as people is a bad thing.

It is a slippery dangerous slope to do so. I am trying to see the connection to media, help me out here coffee has not kick started my brain yet.

The people they give the money to buy advertising with it, and they use those ads to trick people.


An unbiased and actual news tends to be flat and unemotional. And, it is how it should be. There should be no place of added drama in the news.

I do not think that started in 60’s but much before that.
My assumtion is that it started with the first American sex revolution around 1920.
That was perhaps the first time when media was hugely used to influence the masses.

There are two parts of news; News itself and secondly the views about it.
The news is primoary goal and views are the second one and less important too.

It is not the job of the news reporter to present his views in the form of news. He duty is to narrate plain and simple news and let the viewers decide their views. But, nowdays that is a rarity. Reporters tend to see the news through their prism of viwes. As a result, what we see as news is mostly the views of the reporter.

One can realize this easily from the face expression, tone, stress on particular words and the body language of the reporter, that which side he is tilted.

with love,

You can’t be tricked unless you let yourself be tricked or if you have below average intelligence.
By the time you were 15 how many times did you get lied to? How many times did you question what you were told?
By the time you were 25 how many products that you bought were subpar compared to their advertisement?
I could go on. My point is people fall for tricks with their eyes wide open. You mentioned craving. Why that need or desire to fall for it? It should not happen. Hell life goes out of it’s way to teach us that it is dangerous and stupid.

And you can’t be hypnotized without your permission.
And you can’t be hypnotized to do anything that you don’t want to do.
…never mind that “hypnosis” MEANS “affecting your will without your awareness”.

EVERYONE can be tricked… EVERYONE, no exceptions.

For example, YOU have been tricked into thinking otherwise.

Do you really believe this? You don’t think that most people can be tricked? No one can know how many times they’ve been lied to. That’s the nature of the lie. People don’t have a need or a desire to fall for bullshit political ads. They just do because that’s what the greatest minds in advertising have made their goal. The reason is that they can be given unlimited money to lie to the public about policy and so on in the name of helping someone buy an election. I believe in personal responsibility as much as you do, but it’s not the victim’s fault everytime someone does something unethical that gives them negative consequences. I really don’t think that many people truly understand the impact of these cases that have been brought fourth by the far right. And I know you identify as right wing, but I have to ask…would it be fair or democratic if one side has billions to spend and the other only has millions? Are you willing to sell out your democracy on arguments of personal freedom to buy all the political ads you can afford?

Both of you reread this part please:
I could go on. My point is people fall for tricks with their eyes wide open. You mentioned craving. Why that need or desire to fall for it? It should not happen. Hell life goes out of it’s way to teach us that it is dangerous and stupid.

We know the lies are there, average experience should make us raving cynics. From childhood we discover lies told to us, parents, teachers etc.
Hypnotism may be a reason but, it seems to me that a numbness would be the reason. Perhaps somehow our brains just give up and stop questioning and fighting. Stockholm seems more applicable here than flat hypnotism or any other reason. A natural version that life puts in front of us not mass psychologists manipulating only. They just take advantage of this.

They don’t merely “take advantage”. They arrange for advantage by first hypnotizing you into believing that you can’t be hypnotized without knowing it. THEN they take advantage of your willingness to even deal with them at all.

They know that you believe that TV programs are merely trying to make money, because that is what they convinced you of. They quite knowingly and intentionally make it all too confusing, “obfuscation”, so that deceptions can hide in “plausible deniability”.

What they don’t know is merely how much of their own deceptions cause them to drift deeper and deeper into being deceived themselves. They continually believe that they are merely deceiving you a little “for a good cause”. As they get further into the darkness, their eyes adjust, just as anyone’s would. So they don’t see it as darker. In reality, they left any “good cause” long, long ago. And the few who wake up a little to the degree of deception decide that the whole world is nothing but deception anyway, so why bother doing anything else.

Deception and hypnosis have become a serious science with the military leading the way and the population merely a play ground and laboratory for practice and experiments. Same with medicines (a different “mediation”).

People aren’t “falling for it”. They are being led and pushed into it by their own crowd of leaders and pushers.

Psychiatrists are the ones dishing the meds and denying your own body’s wisdom.

Psychologists ask, ‘What do you want?’


Technology is a tool.

If people were wise, they’d know how to use it to their interest.

Technology isn’t the source of threat, people are.

Teach people to evaluate rationally.

Don’t just preach there’s no circumstance for something as complex as all technological development and application.

It’s not hypnosis or manipulation if one is completely open with you.

Ok so James, how do you suggest stopping it?

Kris you said it in your OP here that media was a powerful tool. So why is it suddenly the fault of the victim of that tool when it comes to light that people on the far right are wanting to use it to weaken the democratic process?