Medieval Diseases Are Infecting California’s Homeless … ss/584380/

Must be part of MAGA: Make archaic-diseases great again.

Hey but the important thing is billionaires get a few extra billion. Living in a disease-ridden environment due to extreme poverty is totally worth it.


You some kind of socialist?

i had no idea that place existed, but i’m goin’. it’s like an epicurean paradise… a secret garden where i would finally find my eudaimonia. beautiful weather, readily available drugs, easy women, totally cut off from the rat race of the rest of the world. i’m goin’, man. it is only there that i might experience the wisdom of rimbaud:

“I’m now making myself as scummy as I can. Why? I want to be a poet, and I’m working at turning myself into a seer. You won’t understand any of this, and I’m almost incapable of explaining it to you. The idea is to reach the unknown by the derangement of all the senses. It involves enormous suffering, but one must be strong and be a born poet. It’s really not my fault.”

No doubt the freedom of vagabondage is alluring but I wouldn’t herd myself into a disease-ridden Trumpvilles like those miserable mendicants obliviously obliging the proliferation of all sorts of remorseless pestilence; gotta keep on moving man. Of course kicking society in the balls carries a certain satisfaction of its own: Deputy city attorney says she contracted typhus at City Hall

Various old and ancient diseases are being released into our present timeline, from fracking, deep drilling, glacial melting, and many other modern interferences of the planet by man… go team. =D>

One would be better to/have more chance of surviving in, a Turkish kibbutz or Moroccan Medina, but probably not as thrill-fueled as the chance to ‘make archaic-diseases great again’ by contracting one. :neutral_face:

:-k I wonder how this can be dumped on Trump and MAGA when the majority of elected politicians in California are democrats.

On top of the economic misery causing revival of antiquated illness, we have anti-vaccination people:

Unvaccinated boy nearly died from tetanus. The cost of his care was almost $1 million.

Let’s see… $1 million + 45 days agonizing pain vs getting a shot :-k

Screw that, pump me up with the mercury adjuvants!

About a decade ago I pulled the trim off my walls for some remodeling and painting and I put the trim, nails-up, in the laundry room where I dexterously negotiated stepping on any for a number of weeks until one day… yep, sunk that sucker in there real good. So I went to the health dept and was told I could get the shot for free if I’d take the measles, mumps, and whatever cocktail that also contained tetanus. Ok. I felt a lil sick for a couple days, but I’m alive and didn’t grow a tail or anything. I don’t see what the big deal is.

I used to break thermometers open as a kid and play with the mercury… roll it around in my hand n stuff. Drs injected me with a technetium isotope then instructed me to walk around the mall for 4 hours while emitting gamma rays as part of a bone scan. I don’t see how I’m still alive :confused:

It’s not just Trump, but a trend that started with Ronnie Raygun. Trump just took corporate welfare to new stratospheric levels and is now the posterboy of poverty.

Orange County Cali was a Republican stronghold for decades.

Throughout the 20th century and up until 2016, it was known for its political conservatism and for being a bastion for the Republican Party, with a 2005 academic study listing three Orange County cities as among America’s 25 most conservative.,_California

Orange County is where the video was taken.

Where republicans go, poverty and disease follow.

Head south man and I’ll show ya some republicans watching fox news with roaches crawling all over them and thinking that’s normal.

Um, California collectively voted against Trump, they make sure to use all their resources to slander him (which you buy into) and they make sure to do the exact opposite of what he wants done.

The outcome always was predictable.

Maybe you should read the link that you posted because it describes problems throughout California.

Or you could be a modern Diogenes :laughing:

The point of vaccines is to stop the spread to others. You may or may not care if you get infected yourself (though you’ll probably care once you do get infected), but that’s not the point. If enough people vaccinate, the disease gets wiped out, THEN you can be careless and won’t even need to care about getting infected with the disease.

I can understand why people don’t like indirect arguments. Hell for every Republican president there was a Democratic one before him - it seems so wishy-washy to blame the presence of one given the presence of the other, historically and/or geographically. Even the Democrats are pro-capitalistic, at least to an extent, just less than the Republicans. The more the Republican presence, which is even more pronounced with a Republican president when it could otherwise have faded away, the more Capitalism. And the more Capitalism at the presidential level, the more Capitalism spills over to each state, even if it is currently Democrat. One industry high in Capitalism, pharmaceuticals makes more money from treating than curing, and more money from more people needing treatment. The incentive is to allow medieval diseases to re-emerge - recreating a demand so they can invest in the supply.

So through the nature of disease, how to tackle it, through Capitalist incentives, to Republican presence, to the president swinging the whole country in that direction even today - yes Chump and MAGA are indirectly implicated. Doesn’t mean they directly caused it, that’s not the argument. Doesn’t mean Chump is the sole cause, without whom we would all be saved - that’s just current circumstance.

I guess you missed this:

Throughout the 20th century and up until 2016, it was known for its political conservatism and for being a bastion for the Republican Party, with a 2005 academic study listing three Orange County cities as among America’s 25 most conservative.,_California

3 of the 25 most conservative cities were in Orange County.

After decades of Republican victories, here’s how California became a blue state again

Evolution through time:


I’ve studied the states the same way I studied the private consumption as % of gdp related to prosperity. Where republicans go, poverty follows. There is no denying the correlation. (Well, there’s no HONEST way to deny the correlation.)

Republican places are where wages are lowest, median incomes are lowest, poverty and crime are highest, and education is lowest.

Evidently I’m not the only one to notice:

Pretty much as expected. Blame it on the other guy and the other party. Ignore your own failures and the failures of your party.

Yeah that’s pretty much what you’re doing.

You ignore mountains of evidence to defend your dogma just like these people:

Why is Mississippi the poorest state and also the most conservative? (Hint: boneheaded dogmatists)


reason with trump supporters.jpg


Now that’s some boneheaded fans!

Facts don’t matter.
What he does doesn’t matter.
How many lies he tells doesn’t matter (he’s up to 9000 btw).

All that matters is they utterly refuse to change their minds. Who would brag that? :confusion-shrug:

K: please feel free to argue with the evidence instead of an attack on Seredippity.

The evidence is quite clear… red states are far less economically
prosperous and much more welfare states… blue states by and large
send in far more taxes then red states and blue states receive far less
in benefits then red states. for example, after the GOP got finished with
both Kansas and Wisconsin, they were almost economically destroyed.

It will take years to recover from the GOP tax give away in both states
and the attack upon the infrastructure that occured afterwards…

In both states, the educational system was demolished and that might
not recover…

so feel free to attack me instead of dealing with the evidence…
it seems to be the go to move of the right… attack the person instead
of dealing with the facts presented in the post…


Tetanus jabs contain mercury? :open_mouth:

No wonder the jab I had in march 2017 aggravated my already-aggravated chronic fatigue, (which was initially triggered by an anesthetic jab), by tenfold… and the stupid dumb b*tch of a Pharmacist said that it just contained the vaccine, and saline… she obviously doesn’t know what constitutes a vaccine. #-o I wouldn’t have had it if I’d known… and my cousin got fatigued by his tetanus jab that he had around the same time as me… we were a sad sight to behold. :frowning:

…now that would take me years to recover from… but, then again, your jabs might not contain the same cell-disrupting chemicals that the EU have slowly been adding into our food and medicine chains… apparently we’ve been in a cold war for some time now.


Tying consequences to one doesn’t mean not tying them to others. As I stated, Republicans are simply more Capitalistic than Democrats, a matter of extents once more, which I explicitly stated.

Your fallacy is affirming a disjunct, so no, your “expectation” was as invalid as your conclusion.

Add to that a relevance fallacy with your mention of “your own failures”.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

I can verify the Kansas failed experiment. I saw a documentary on that.

Failed tax-cut experiment in Kansas should guide national leaders

[i]In rejecting Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach, who advocated restoration of the Brownback experiment, Kansas voters on Election Day put the final nail in the coffin of what even Republican leaders had come to see as a disastrous set of tax and spending cuts that ruined the Kansas economy.

In 2012 and 2013, Republican Gov. Sam Brownback signed into law the largest tax cuts in Kansas history. The top state income tax rate fell by nearly one-third and passthrough taxes that affected mainly relatively wealthy individuals were eliminated. With the decline in revenues came significant spending cuts in numerous areas.

Brownback’s experiment was such a failure that his party turned against him. In 2017, the Republican-dominated legislature, overriding the governor’s veto, rolled back the tax cuts. [/i]


I dunno, maybe? If they do, I’m more scared of the tetanus than the mercury.

According to the cdc there is no telling what your jab contained unless you know for sure which vaccine it was … ccine.html

The thimerosal supposedly contains the mercury.

Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative that has been used for decades in the United States in multi-dose vials

Admittedly, I got a lil sick feeling too, but it went away after a day or two.

Yes, the EU’s heavy-handed dictation of every detail would scare me. Or course our system of making guinea pigs of citizens only to receive slaps-on-the-wrist class-action lawsuits afterward isn’t any better. They make billions in profits in exchange for paying $100 million lawsuit.

You’ve no idea what I’ve endured at hospitals which is why I don’t go near them unless visiting other people. I used to have to go for allergy shots weekly after school, which ruined my whole day. And I don’t even have allergies! Never did. What I had was a munchhausen’s syndrome mom.

High five! :smiley: