Message from Magsj

I just received this message from Magsj after challenging her.
She’s basically calling someone here a pedophile because that person does not agree with her views.
This is the kind of person that’s moderating this forum.

Actually Volchok… he is a pedo, and he is also not new to this forum - you really do underestimate me, don’t you? and do you really think I would accuse someone of ‘anything’ just because they didn’t agree with my views? Do please keep thinking I’m inadequate, won’t ya :wink:

I didn’t realise he was banned under his previous usernames, otherwise I would have banned him under his new alias, but Pav has had the pleasure of doing this, as dfetc.'s posts in A&E were in bad taste to say the least :confused:

I await your response in eager anticipation :stuck_out_tongue:

Volchok - in the past, I have had to moderate such threads. It’s not easy. My experience has been that pedos are the sneakiest types we see here. Such threads have to be monitored very closely, for reasons that staff has laid out time and again. He’s clearly a pedo. If I were king of ILP, I’d ban his ass outright. Not because he’s a pedo, but because one pedo attracts another and we, at one time, had a pretty good Google ranking for the topic, which is undesirable.

Oh, and I thought you’d share my response with the forum…

Thanks for clarifying the situation to Volchok Faust :slight_smile:

Yes, you are in fact inadequate. We’ve been over this quite a few times. You do nothing even when people are at each others throats. Also your last statement in this post proves just how inadequate you are.

I really don’t see why pedophiles should be banned or vilified, specially pedophiles who have never acted upon their urges and desires. But perhaps more importantly, does anyone have any proof that the guy is a pedophile ? I mean, anything at all ?

Volchock you’re just not very smart.

My moderating style works in the long run, and that is all you need to know… breaking the cycle… and all that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you missed the part where I said that I would not accuse anybody of being something they weren’t? and yet you still question this authority #-o

Keep underestimating me… I quite like it :wink:

He was not banned for being a pedophile, he was banned for posting borderline illegal photos, as well as graphic descriptions of illegal acts, not to mention trolling and spamming.

She’s a horrible moderator.

This is old super old news. They’re clearly not going to do anything about it.

He is a pedophile, actively promoting pedophilia in a slimy way, with terrible arguments and in his former incarnations with very slimy ad homs.

Is he a troll?

He’s an utter mind fuck.

I tend to think of trolls as less sneaky.

It seems that this thread was started on the back of a wrong assumption, but the thread author doesn’t want to acknowledge that [-X

…because I requested you stopped swearing makes me a horrible moderator? I told you that there were reports made against you for this but you ignored my warnings, so I do not understand how you were surprised about my having to eventually take action.

Lol. You’re on a power trip. This mod gig is clearly making up for some insecurities on your personal life. It’s just sad that you’re so bad at it.

Thanks for the information Carleas.

The fact that his arguments are terrible is utterly irrelevant.
As far as trolling goes, there are a lot of trolls here who haven’t been banned yet so…

More assumptions with nothing to base them on… and I don’t do power-trips Darling :wink:

You also had many reports made against you, and you (like Gobbo) claim me to be a bad moderator… I don’t make a friendly scapegoat… ever!

  1. I weighed in as thinking he was not a troll, so…
  2. His being a pedophile is relevent to your OP, but don’t bother responding to that part.
  3. I think that if a pedophile appeared whose arguments were cogent and open, it could make for valid threads. A pedophile who uses terrible arguments and pretends not to be arguing what he is, who does not apply his own arguments to himself, offers nothing. So for me the fact that his arguments are terrible is relevent, just as it would be for me regarding anyone advocating something I consider reprehensible.


Some time back, I resigned as a moderator because the tolerance of pedophilia as a “philosophy” was tolerated far more than it is now. The discussion of pedophilia has nothing to do with anyone’s personal views - including all moderators. Please remember this is an open-to-the-public website and administration has to show consideration for all potential readers and participants, many of whom would rather not have pedophilia, beastiality, incest, “legitimate rape” treated as appropriate in an open discussion forum.

That said, there are dozens of sites devoted to the discussion of pedophilia or any other sort of human behavior. If you find interest in the topic, then the internet provides all sorts of opportunity for you. ILP isn’t one of those sites. If this causes you heartburn, then vote with your feet.

This has less to do with me, and more do with you, and how several people all concur you’re a bad moderator.

In fact, let’s take it a step further: I’ve never seen anyone, ever, once say you were a good moderator.

No biggie. I’m sure you’re good at other things.

Isn’t it interesting that all those who “concur” that mags is a bad moderator are just the ones who were moderated… I don’t have to agree with all her (or any other mod) decisions, but that doesn’t make her a “bad” moderator - except to the people who like to whine about moderation in general. I can’t think of a single moderator who hasn’t taken a load of crap from the whiners. It just goes with the territory. There are lots of sites less moderated. People are free to seek them out.