Message to Ecmandu

I am the Goddess of Love, I am one of the highest ranked entities in the cosmos.

Now hear this…I don’t know what kind of mumbo-jumbo you’ve been saying about animals, but your logic is incoherent.

Ecmandu, you have a thing where you say “If not one soul is saved, then all should suffer until that soul finds happiness.”

So you conveniently ignore animal souls, who have to toil and suffer so all your precious human souls can find happiness.
What about animal souls? Whatever happened to “If not one soul is saved”? Why should 1000’s of animals have to suffer in cages and die to bring temporary pleasure to human souls?

And you get mad when I talk about using approach escalation to get laid?? Half of these women are sexually attracted to me and then get fickle for no reason…The amount of trauma it would cause them is very minimal…they are already sexual attracted to me, then suddenly decide to change their minds? So basically, they are consciously deciding to torture me and make me miserable for no reason. Do the math dude