Mexican gvt: Its inhuman for people to have to be in Mexico

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I wanted to share this nugget.

Mexican officials think it is up to them to speak out on the morals of American efforts to keep illegal immigrants from crossing the border.

The saddest part is not that these poor people think they should speak out on American state affairs, but that without blinking they call the effort to keep people in Mexico, fascist.

Perhaps the US should annex the entirety of Mexico and make it into a real country?

As far as I remember, that was always part of the plan. Forget the name of the project, but it was something about eventually converging Mexico and Canada with the U.S.

Transatlantic continental something or other. New world order shit.

Hold on there. Canada isn’t part of what Im talking here. There aren’t any Canadians running to the US. Canada is a better country. People are definitely happier there. But from all the evidence we get, it is a pure crime to leave Middle American sovereignties intact.

All these Middle American countries are so disgusting that everyone in the world agrees that it is very evil to ask of the citizens of these countries that they stay there, rather than moving into the US.

Everyone in the world knows that the US is the preferred place to live. Somehow it is also a “bad country” but never mind that, I don’t understand that anyway. What is clear is that the whole of Middle America wants to get the fuck out of Middle America and into the United States.

The problem is that it gets kind of full and born Americans can’t get jobs and all plus Democrats don’t want the immigrants in their cities, as was recently made clear.

So the only option is for US law to apply to all Middle American countries. Make them all US states.
Fuck these stilly “governments” they have. Remove all that trash and just install US styled governors mansions and apply US federal law so that everyone can stay where they are and enjoy life as worthy beings, rather than as Mexicans or Cubans or Nicaraguans or such horrible things to have to be.

Apparently this is what the Mexican “government” thinks, so lets just do it already. Everyone is waiting.

The tricky thing is that, on some level, the United States knows that outright wiping the drug trade out of the contient, or at least the Middle continent, would somehow be fascist and wrong. Which is what they would have to do if they took over those territories as their own.

Right now the drug trade is run by transnational groups of just about the most unsavory people you can think of.

This is a puzzle that has to be solved. The Mexico is a narco state. So are many states sotuh of Texas. Until it is, the US has to close its borders, work out its puritan crises, and get to thinking.

To add to the puzzle: What is the only thing worse than an unregulated drug market?

A regulated drug market.

Tricky, it’s tricky.

The US does not yet have the libertine acumen to run these places.

Interesting fact: an increasing amount of states south of Texas have adopted and are adopting the dollar as their currency. Read: Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Puerto Rico.

I used to find this sad. But you know what? Fuck the Bolivar. What a silly fucking currency that was. The dollar is like gold, better than gold. Let’s use actual valuable things as currency.

No. It does kinda hurt. Can we still use our old slangs for money?


Fucking Chavez.

Hahaha, I really like that. States south of Texas.
You’re working it.


See this is going in the right direction.

Um… I thought the whole of the States was under the Dollar? who knew! :open_mouth:

Mexico isn’t that bad.
They’re a liberal democracy with a booming economy (their GDP per capita is higher than China’s!).
They have nice weather, fresh fruit and vegetables, fiesta, siesta, strong families and a strong culture.
@77 years, their life expectancy is only a little shorter than the US, @79 years.
According to this:

Mexicans are the 24th happiest country in the world, ahead of the likes of Taiwan, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Japan, South Korea and 125+ other countries!

Sure, their crime rate may be a little high, but only a little more than the US.

Mexico isn’t a bad country, these people aren’t fleeing persecution, poverty, violence and so forth, illegals are coming to sell drugs and guns or steal jobs they don’t need, and didn’t earn.

I agree about Mexico in general, but that people would wander through the desert to find jobs they don’t need seems hallucinated to me. Also that they would set down stakes in another country when they felt they had the same or nearly the same opportunity in Mexico, also seems hallucinated. Certainly the drug industry causes some, though small, portion of the influx. But then that simply businesses supplying a product US citizens have a huge demand for through the only methods available. I think most of the influx is people who think they have a way to support their families and gain some stability which they do not have in Mexico or the other countries that they are coming through Mexico from. And so, yes, poverty is a huge driver. Otherwise they would not take the risk. And it is a risk to smuggle themselves in and also to set up in the US, with the chance of being thrown out and starting at zero or less always hanging over their heads. It’s too much for me to think they are simply choosing out of pigheadedness to risk a lot on the journey and then risk a lot after setting up, if they had nearly as good a chance back home where they are legal residents. We don’t have to see them as individuals as stupid or with bad intent to have issues with their arrival.

The % of unemployed in Mexico is about 4, the same as it is in the US, and while the US is obviously richer, it’s cost of living is higher.
Overall the US economy is of course better, but it’s not as if Mexicans are homeless and starving, they have it good, or at least not bad, but not bad isn’t good enough for illegals, they want it great, and they’re wiling to screw over Mexicans waiting patiently in line, and American citizens, especially blue collar workers, in order to have it great.
The American media exaggerates illegals plight and downplays the plight of Americans, because it’s no longer loyal to Americans, it threw them under the bus ages ago, sold itself out to globalists and multinationals on the one hand, and aliens on the other.

Employment is no guarantee in either country of not being poor. Mexico has a much greater disparaty between the rich and poor and a weaker infrastructure to support the ppor.

Obviously not as a whole. But if you are poor in Mexico it can be a logical decision to go where there is more money, better infrastructure and more opportunities to move upwards over time. Or they wouldn’t take the risks.

This doesn’t make it right, but we don’t need to add in this idea that these people are, essentially, stupid to leave Mexico, since the unemployment there is not bad. They make this choice, as do people coming through Mexico from further south for sound practical reasons.

I would guess this is true, and I would guess that the poverty figures for both countries are likely worse than we hear about.

I don’t think it helps to focus on the individual people crossing the border and blame them. Set up ways to block them, but to consider them essentially taking a lot of unnecessary risks, things are peachy in Mexico, makes these people seem nuts. And they’re not. Canadians would start coming down and US citizens would start filing out, if things got worse in these countries.

Those people who have it tough have better opportunities in the US or they would not make the try.

I think many illegals, and young, naïve Americans have been bamboozled by the lies America tells itself.
America is not the real housewives of FITB, but I think that’s the impression many people in the 3rd world have.
The average 20-40 year old American is scraping by with massive debt and may never be able to afford a home, not that much unlike the average 20-40 year old Mexican.
It takes two working full time to feed a small family and kids suffer from severe mental and emotional neglect from being raised on fast food and by a degenerate entertainment industry and a substandard public education system, instead of their parents.
Alcohol, crime and drugs impact many Americans lives as well as prescription psychotropic medication and many are without healthcare.
At least Mexico has universal healthcare, and it can’t be that bad if they’re living to 77, altho they may be living more in spite of it, lol, than because.

And then when illegals arrive here, they’re just taken advantage of by megacorporations, further dispelling their delusions.

Of course the US has better opportunities than Mexico, it’s the lesser of two evils (economically and educationally that is, but there’s more to life and ways Mexicans may fare better), but my point is so long as you’re not a disabled drug addict and you’re willing to work, you can put a roof over your head, feed yourself and your family in Mexico, be happy, healthy, or at least not too shabby, and in all likelihood die at the ripe old age of 77, but the media would have us believe it’s like hell down there, Sierra Leone or some other war-torn Subsaharan African AIDS country, where people literally don’t have a pot to piss in.