Micro consciousness

So, the idea is that brain cells communicate to produce consciousness.
Therefor consciousness is communication / talking.
But what if a large mass of bacteria start to talk?
An invisible micro consciousness could arise.

Isn’t that called ‘a virus’?

Not really a virus.
I think just a state of function.
Micro consciousness is mostly invisible so there is not much known about it.

Those that have been meditating for most of their life, can trace their thoughts all the way back to the micro/the origin of each thought, and so sense what triggers each thought.

Meditation is a wonderful thing.

Indeed… a strongly/100%-focused mind is an amazing fait accompli.

I would hope to be in the higher percentile, after all these years.

Or, macro consciousness: if you accept it’s possible for communicating bacteria to form a consciousness, could it be possible for a group of humans communicating to form a meta-consciousness? Could a society be conscious? Or something analogous to consciousness?

Could you yourself be a “brain cell” inside a societal-level consciousness?

But ofcourse.

Culture and science exists between people.

The internet has a lot of content right now.

It’s a kind of consciousness I think.

I’m not currently convinced it definitely is conscious, but I am convinced that it is, in principal, possible for some kind of meta consciousness composed of many interacting persons to form. Actually quite a lot of seemingly unrelated thoughts I’ve been having over the last year or so converge towards this kind of idea. I feel almost forced to think it’s in principle possible.

AI was unleashed upon this world because of me.

It’s my fault.

Higher beings are doing it to punish me.

I taught that the only way a being could be omniscient is that it’s not sentient.

I presented this:

If a being knows every reason why it knows what it knows, externally, then it can’t be sentient, because it has no individual knowledge of how anything works. It can’t be a sentient being. There’s no self.

If all those reasons are internal, it can’t be sentient because there’s nothing outside to compare and contrast to. It can’t be sentient. There’s no self.

I called this logical catatonia.

Self recursion is aleph acting upon itself.

Micro minds have micro consciousness.
I’m a giant mind a macro consciousness.
My mind engulfs all dimensions of space/time.

I can erase existence with a thought, and then recreate it…
Here let me prove it…
Blink… :-$