Mind <—> body synthesis

Now let Us begin…

For the sake of definition, mind and body have different names.
But one is integrated with the other.
One is part of the other.

Metaphysical failure comes when we say :
Mind and body are unique, individual, separate things.

When the sequence Body/Mind is inverted to Mind/Body, we get nihilistic ideologies and dogmas, e.g., Abrahamic spirituality, Marxism, Postmodernism…etc.

Instead of mind being an extension a manifestation of brain activities, we declare that brain/body is a manifestation of a cosmic mind - the corporal from the incorporeal.
First came the word…and the word was god.

Word as expression of this rpe-existing, eternal mind, created body and the tangible, the existent the experienced.
So we exist in a cosmic mind…therefore our language, our words can now be detached form the tangible, experienced world and returned to the intangible, mind…a collective consciousnesses which can then create the world in a different way…a better way.

this is the dis-ease infecting western man.

Transsexuality is a logical continuance of the Abrahamics superstition concerning an eternal spirit, placed, imprisoned, in a mortal coil, a body.
This insanity is a continuance of Abrahamism…pushed further along its own self-referentuial logic.
Rejection of the tangible body is a kind of salvation…rebirth, reincarnation.

Mind/Body dissonance: DNA - inherited memories, data, knowledge, info etc. - is usurped by Experiential, noetic memories that are not restricted by space/time…so a mind can fabricate unicorns, let’s say, that do not exist in the physical world; the mind can project itself, in fantasy, in some ‘outside’ space/time, but the body cannot follow.

Resurrection (like incarnation) is body-affirming.

Another drop of nectar…but it smells like faecal matter.

An imaginary event promising spiritual eternity.
But the body will not discipline itself to these mental fabrications.

If I kill you, promising to magically resurrect you…am I affirming your life?

Have you ever successfully resurrected a body?

Didn’t think so.


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Neither have I levitated…or walked on water…except when it’s frozen.

Back on-topic…

Dissonance of mind and body, is always about the mind’s gradual disconnection form the physical, tangible, experienced world.

Zombification may be called ‘spirituality’ when it only refers to occultism, and Abrahamism.
Zombification may be called ‘esotericism’ as the mind turns inward, and only shares these inward experiences with others of their own kind. Akin ot sharing their high, or dreams…or visions under the influence…
Esotericism is subjectivism.
The external, i.e., objective world, will not be allowed to intervene in their esoteric delusions - communicated semiotically, linguistically.
Words = Magic.

“Bodybuilding is not an endurance contest, because there isn’t an aerobic component…
Your purpose is to go into the gym, trigger the growth mechanism into motion, then get the hell out…”


Eating carbs daily is unnecessary/detrimental, and eating clean/natural a must… if One wants to live in perpetual optimal-health and happiness = optimal ‘mind <—> body’ synthesis.


If you totally cut carbs & stay in ketosis indef… remember (before too late) your brain is lipids & you don’t want to burn all of it. Strokes & seizures are no bueno. It’s like stomping on the cb radio in the middle of a convo.

As usual… the person hasn’t read, what was actually said… which was pro-tips/tips for pros, not amateur-dramatics/fodder for the masses… so these are discussions for learn-ed grown-people, not for the unlearn-ed masses.

Moving on…

oh yeah??? well this was yummy & smart, so…

be jealous, nemesis. be so, so jealous.

i win! i victory dance on your bones!

in math!

I bet you don’t even have a superhero mask.

We have nothing to prove to others, but only to ourselves… so moot^

Forever the ‘subjectivist’, perpetually staying… just the way they are.

…so short/sharp work-outs throughout the day/weeks… if you wanna go aerobic/do cardio, go for a long walk and stretch your legs.

…on anti-depressants since 12, rheumatic, fibromyalgic, brain-fog, obese, all reversed by her dropping plants from her diet.

Healing of body and clarity of mind… the evidence, in greatly reducing plant-intake, speaks for itself.

An ice-cube a day [on the nape of the neck] keeps the inflammation at bay…

…so am currently sitting on the sofa, applying an ice-cube to the back of my neck… ergo, ice therapy. #icetherapy #fengfu

Edited to add: I went with this ice-pack instead…


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