Missing prompts

I’m in the chamber of debate trying to do my final post to my debate with Tab. The problem is, there is no post reply prompt showing. No quote prompt either. I checked the other forums and no problem, it’s just in the chamber of debate. Fix please?

Tab requested the thread be moved to C.O.D. proper, which I finally caught and did and you didn’t have Debate Participant permissions. It has been fixed.

I’m sorry about that, I should have checked your Permissions before moving the thread.

That explains it. Damn, now I’ve forgotten what my brilliant response was going to be… If I lose this debate, I’ll blame it on you. :laughing:

Just have me read it first, if I think it will work to prevail against Tab, you’ll know to write something else!

Hmmm. Tab and tent. What are they debating - domestic v. imported beer? Virgin v. nonvirgin? Grateful Dead v. The Who?

Hmph… Nothing THAT superficial but I have to admit, neither of us could make a high school debate team with this showing. We maybe have known each other a little too long. Besides, we couldn’t debate beer. All he has is fermented camel’s milk or some such concoction. That’s why he get’s so pissy when he’s hung over. Still, for an expat and British on top of that, he isn’t too bad…


Yeah, but you drink REAL beer and that changes everything! I’ll buy the first pint. :smiley:

You guys are all meanies. I was gonna send you some fermented camel beer for christmas, but now I’m gonna sit home and drink it allllllll myself. Hah. That’ll teach you.

Oh dear, he’s got the hump now.

You see…? Ex-pat hmour at it’s sharpest !!! All you unadventurous “I just lived in one country all my life” people gasp in awe at the wit that exposure to two cultures gifts you with. Oh hells yes.

Lessee… no ham, no bacon, no sausage, no beer. Just mutton and camel piss. Yup. that’s some kind of exposure. Though I will agree that it takes real wit to ignore and cover up such deprivation. :unamused: :laughing: