Modern Day Anarchist Commenting On United States Politics

It is hard being a modern day anarchist in the United States because essentially you have no friends or allies. There are other anarchists in the United States largely concentrated in the Pacific northwest but they are largely Marxist or communist anarchists and I don’t acknowledge them to even be real anarchists where I designate them simply as fake anarchists. Any kind of anarchist that is Marxist or communist in my book is not a genuine anarchist. So, as an individual anarchist which is particularly the school of thought I follow one is indeed a lonely number without friends or allies in your own country and nation. :laughing: :wink:

Being a genuine anarchist in the United States is a lot like being behind enemy lines where your ability to express yourself or raise your own views are extremely difficult if not impossible most of the time. You live out your daily life as an extreme fringe minority. Still as an anarchist this struggle is very rewarding in that I knew how hard this path would be in life the moment I chose it and I regret nothing at all.

Seeing these would be fake anarchists as pawns or tools of the Clinton campaign, George Soros, globalism, and communism is an ongoing embarrassing blemish for anarchism as a whole concerning American urban cities. Would these same fake anarchists done the same if the globalists had their way with their puppet put in place? No, I don’t think they would.

This really in much essence describes the disgusting whole sad affair of anarchism and anarchists world-wide. There indeed is an ongoing tragedy going on for anarchist movements worldwide. First and foremost I did not vote in the latest American election. Voting for me is participating in the state’s legitimacy and I cannot allow myself to vote the legitimacy of any kind of state. This is why I pursue a stance of non-participation and neutrality.

As everybody here knows I do have an admiration for the Trump administration on some things but this does not mean I’m a Trump supporter. There are a great deal of things I don’t like about Trump also particularly his unflinching support of Israel and zionism.

Even still as a member of the American working poor slob class the Trump administration has within the last thirty years become the bastion of shaking off the corporate oppression of the working class in this nation. It is my hope that he will keep his promises of rejuvenating and renewing prosperity for the struggling American working class. This is one thing I admire about him that no other president has done before him.

The second thing I admire about him is his rejection of globalism in all its forms with a renewed interest in American nationalism. As an anarchist I believe anarchism and nationalism are very much compatible considering the goal of any sensible anarchist is localism or regionalism.

Localism or regionalism is impossible within a globalist system and paradigm.

As an anarchist I believe globalism is the ultimate threat as its ultimate goal is global government. This is not to say a national state or government system is any better as the goal of anarchism is to eventually abolish it as well however concerning national governments versus global government for me global government is by far the greater threat to independence or autonomy. Better to contend with the devil you know than the one you don’t know anything about.

Once a global government is achieved it is essentially a lot harder to insurrect against or secede away from. This is why globalism and global government for me as an anarchist must never be allowed to succeed. This is why I rather take my chances with the nationalists even though I don’t agree obviously with everything they believe in. (This by default puts us under an odd relationship with the nationalists who in all actuality already don’t like us or confuses us with the Marxists and communists not realizing that all of us are not aligned under the same ideology.)

These anarchist communists with their beliefs in internationalism, globalism, and global unification (uniformity) cannot understand that they’re willful tools or pawns in the eventual creation of a global government state. They are the worst kind of useful idiots out there.

For the small number of genuine anarchists that are non-affiliated with Marxism, communism, or globalism we have a lot of restructuring and reorganizing to do if we’re going to survive the next couple of decades. In many retrospects we’re an endangered species of philosophy and perspective.

How could nationalism allow for more local/regional independence to better align with anarchism?

It’s because for an anarchist revolution or realization to take place regionally and locally it would be easier to secede autonomy in a nationalist country.

The same cannot be said under a globalist world or global government.

Can we get a anarchist to discuss Anarchist world views in their s thread please? You hardly count, given your obvious similarities to Kropotkin.

I think this site would benefit greatly from a authentic anarchist. If any knows of one, please invite them.

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Those were the original conservatives meanwhile the current conservatives helped the democrats destroy this country for forty plus years.

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No, they we’re liberal actually, republicanism of their type wasn’t seen in Rome or under Cromwell. But the assertion of the ideas and kind of dialogue today, looking back to that era, is Paleo-Conservative today. It isn’t considered liberalism anymore, hasn’t for two centuries.

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I was talking about modern conservatives not the original founders. Turd is nothing like original founders of this country. A lot of modern conservatism is cuckholdery.

You’re more closer to an original conservative than Turd will ever be.

I’m not a socialist, quite the opposite really. I have nothing in common with Kropotkin where that is a bit over the top.

It has took many years now but I finally understand that anarchism is more than just random acts of violence. Violence used without goals, ambitions, and sending a decisive message is ineffective.

Yeah, Turd would hunt you down and shoot you if you tried to destroy his community. We’ve had these conversations before. I actually joined the military to hunt down the people who attacked us, and went overseas.

I accept John Adam’s Machiavellianism. Joker spends his free time wearing a leather mask while being whipped by Mongoose.


I don’t want to burn down anybody’s communities if I can help it. More recently I’ve been embracing pan-anarchism where I believe that in order for autonomy to take place under an anarchist banner secession is inevitable to create an anarchist separatist breakaway independent territory. That’s my vision anyways.

Your assertions about my private life is unnerving and I would ask you politely to stop that for the sake of the subject conversation.

My views have changed a little over a period of time, I’ve permanently retired the Joker.

Fine, you were till recently aligned with that terror-hobo, holding to a nihilistic worldview.

Explain your new position on family, sex, community, defense, economics a bit in depth so we get what your about as of Jan. 2017.

Alright, I’ll bite assuming you want to have a serious conversation.

I still hold a nihilistic worldview and that’s never going to change but I suppose you can say it is more infusing with existentialism along with pessimism. I have a very increased pessimistic worldview of human beings. I’m still an anarchist that believes in total independence and autonomy where I’ll settle for nothing less. Not a socialist of course but more of an individualist.

I’m pro family. Sex? I don’t support radical feminism and I am pro life. I’ve think that I have already made that well known. I’m an atheist of course but I have my own atheistic pro life world views.

I have nothing against communities but I’m against top down styles of social hierarchy.

Defense? In an anarchist society there would be militia conscripts and vigilante retribution where there would be no need for a centralized force of law enforcement or laws for that matter.

Economically I’m neither a socialist or capitalist where I would describe myself as a mutualist where I’m very against automation of the workforce replacing human workers with robotic ones.

I would like to see a revival of a monetary-less societies come into existence where there is no use of money where instead bartering and contractual agreements is primarily used.

As for race and culture I’m neutral where I firmly believe in free-assembly. If people want to live in singular ethnocentric (racial) societies that are enclosed that’s fine. If people want to live in open multicultural (multi racial) societies that’s fine also. I don’t believe it has to be an either or choice between the two. It can be both. People should have a choice or option.

When I was 14 I would go to shows with mosh pits that had bands that played anarchy in the UK. Then I grew up.

Yeah, being a blind servant, profiteer, or slave to government is so grown up. What have I been missing out on the last sixteen years? :sunglasses:

I just can’t compete against such an intellectual wonder child like yourself… :sunglasses:

So emotively you believe in anger and retribution, and forced conscription.

So your opposed to the Stoic emphasis on encouraging rationalization and delaying anger, and are more Aristotelian emphasis on selective anger, and the community must be cycled through on this basis for militant warfare, but simultaneously encourage all the things that cause men to rage and desire to fight in the first place as a individualist and a nihilist, yet also have a emphasis on sexual modesty and family now, because human life is somehow worthwhile in your athiestic worldview?

What is your position on Martin Luther King’s idea of Righteous Anger? Would you tolerate people in your community rebelling against your conscription and laws, passively resisting and matching against your worldview?

Know I’m using Jack London’s mix between Nietzschean and Marxism, as a liptmus test for you, both The Iron Heel & The Sea Wolf.

You don’t know me foo. Quit strawmanning and do some philosophy you lazy bastard.