Monster Makers

I’ve never read any of this person’s work before, but this really resonated with me.

Some interesting lines from the piece. Interested to hear dissent, as most of this rings true to me.

I agree with his statements… with all the best intentions in the world, implementing positive changes is going to be an uphill struggle, when faced with a couple of centuries of ingrained stubborn socio-cultural mechanisms that have been put in place… and then there’s the newer ones, of the last few decades.

There are therefore many layers of bureaucracy to get through, before anything of any helpful relevance can be confidently implemented… a country has to want change and be behind it, in order for any change to be had. A case of too many cooks spoiling the broth/too many hands in too many pies?

whats crazy is that mnuchin made all that money off all those foreclosures then trump put him in at treasury, yet this dissenter is still talking about obama.