More Conservative/ GOP pedophilia

From DU (Democratic underground)

"Chairman of the Oklahoma College Republicans Johnathan Hernandez has been arrested on multiple sex crimes charges in regards to a child.

There’s a reason why the GQP are always projecting pedophilia. Do you see the pattern?

K: from Roy Moore to TRUMP to Mark Foley to Dennis Hastert to Jim Jordan,
there is a long history of pedophilia behavior in the GOP/MAGA party…


Because it’s true and obvious to everybody but you, whom has gouged out his own eyes:


Paedophilia goes hand in hand with the political class.
It takes a lack of care, a psychopathy, a sociopathy, and a righteous self regard to be a sex abuser.
But there is not doubt that these qualities are more focussed on the right wing of the political spectrum, since their most basic ideologies are more consonant with those self serving values.

Some right wingers are so basically devoid of human emotion that they see any sort of human contact as sexual.
Thus even a friendly hug of a man to a child cannot be seen by them as fatherly, but has to be an example of lust.
Thus is demonstrated their own depravity.

You can see the uncomfortable look on those children’s faces @sculptor.

I’d feel uncomfortable if I was in their shoes, and I’m a grown woman.

No-one should be touching anyones’ children like that.

It is not the healthy who need a doctor.

It’s a good job of editing, and kids get nervous in front of the media.
Do you really think Biden is stupid enough to grope little girls in front of the media.

I see discomfort here. But this is not evidence of paedophilia,

Did you Dad every touch you in a loving way, without being sexual?

He’s not their dad though!

He kisses his adult daughter on the lips… my parents never did that, hugs…sure, but not past the age of puberty… I like my personal space, kept personal. :slight_smile:

Did you start this thread because of this, Peter?


I guess that’s a yes, then…