[Movie] The Fountain

I actually would have a whole lot to say about this movie, but that would reveal a great deal of spoilers. What I will say is this:

Look before you leap.

I made the classic movie mistake of assuming the plot of the movie based solely on watching the trailer. The teaser trailer is really vague and leads to to assume alot of things… If you’ve watched the official trailer, you might have come to the assumed conclusion that I came to; that this movie is about some Spanish Conquistidor played by Hugh Jackman who discovers immortality through the Tree of Life and what happens in his life, and especially his relationship with Rachel Wiesz’s character (who we also assume becomes immortal but apparently has some ailment later on) over the course of the following 1000 years. WRONG. The trailer is misleading: watch at your own risk.

I could tell you about this movie, sure… and personally, I really haven’t made up my mind of what to think about it. I will say it’s complex and does not really give much or any information at times. I suggest watching it and finding out for yourself if it’s something to praise or scorn. One thing I suggest to do while watching this movie, and it’s the kind of movie that really allows you to do this: analyze everything while watching. If you simply take it for what you see, you’ll be utterly confused.

Good luck, and enjoy. If you don’t enjoy it, you can’t blame me cause I warned you…

It sounds like a movie I’d prefer to avoid.

The women is really a tree, I think one reviewer said. It sounds too far out for me.

Even Deja Vu sounded a bit out there (with time traveling policemen), but this movie seems totally out there.

You really haven’t got a clue what the movie is all about, do you ? :laughing:

Actually, I do have a clue what the movie is all about, and I did figure out a great deal more of it when I took a moment to think about it and pull it together after it was over.
What I didn’t like and found rather confusing was the method which the director communicated the ideas. The initial point I was trying to make was that the movie plot itself entails a tri-unified plot that is not even mentioned in the trailer. I wanted to offer a simple warning to those who would plan to watch the movie based on watching the trailer alone as I did. While I was dispassioned about discovering that the movie I thought I was going to see didn’t unfold, I did see and appreciate a very complex work of art.

So to answer your question: It’s not that I don’t know what the movie is about, it’s that I chose not to speak about its plot at this time. It’s only been out for so long.

Actually I thought it was worth the money.

This movie is about a man coming to terms with his wife dying. it is a beautiful movie, full of complex images, to describe the process. anything else added to the movie is of your own doing.

have a nice day :smiley:

I liked it but… honestly, I just couldn’t buy Wolverine as the meditative dude. The other characters were fine but every time the bubble scenes came out I just pictured 3 blades slicing through a Sentinel.

If you are simply a pragmatist, then yes. There is much more to this movie than simply this bit of information. You could say that any movie relies on the viewer to add to it, and that directors or filmmakers are constantly playing on that fact for the experience the movie provides.

This movie is an experience. It is a visual, auditory, and emotional journey. The story is about many things, including death, but also life, rebirth and acceptance.