Mr Corner and iambiguous on stalking and stuff

Basically, this is what Mr. Corner would like every single thread at ILP to turn into: A platform for his drivel.

In a word? Checkmate. :laughing:

you must be so lonely

Classic Corner!!!

I knew we could count on him, right Mr. Yak Yak Yak?

Seriously though while, admittedly, I am not the man every woman wants and every other man wants to be, being my own best friend I am never, ever lonely. Besides I’ve got all my virtual friends here!!!

Now, getting back to the OP, and just out of curiosity, do the pimps ever stalk you?

Isn’t that the epitome of loneliness? Unless you’ve got DID.

Only someone who has never been their own best friend would be foolish enough to go there.

Look, for the preponderance of my life I have been surrounded by people: a large extended family, my Burkleigh Manor gang buddies, friends from the shipyards and steel mills, Army buddies, a ton of college friends, a zillion “comrades” as a political activist, my ex-wife’s friends, my daughter’s friends, friends from work. etc.

Now, however, for reasons pretty much beyond my control, I live a more or less solitary existence. To say that I’ve made the best of it, however, is surely an understatement. On the other hand, how hard can that be when you are your own best friend.

As for DID, does dasein count?

Come on, if you are going to go the repartee route with me, I’ll expect considerably more from you. No Corner crap, okay?

My suggestion: you study the wonderful wit of those here like phoneutria and prom75.

i was trying to use humor to address the serious issue of you being an aging lonely person. i can see that you aren’t ready to talk about it now.